broken education [deleted] 9:10am, 28 July 2010
Hi all.
I'm new to the group.
I've just brought a new Sony DSLR A230 as a step up from my last semi compac camera. So with this in mind I am a total novice with my new type of camera.
I thought I would buy some new lenses for it, a 0.20x AF Fisheye and a 0.45x Super Wide Angle Macro.
Not knowing what I was really ordering, I've now discovered that neither lense fits straight on to the A230's chassis(school boy error), because the diameter of the new lense is smaller than that of the chassis. I figure that I must need some type of converter rings(?), or something???
Can anyone please show me the error of my ways and point me in the right direction.

Many thanks
OnlyEverOneJack PRO 8 years ago
I think you have bought converters rather than lenses to fit the a-mount?? I have a fisheye converter for mine, and I think it swas a 52mm thread which I bought a "step-down ring" for which means it will attach onto the 55mm filter thread of the 18-55mm kit lense. The only issue is that you need to use it at the 18mm end to get a good fisheye effect and sadly that will vignette quite heavily with the stepdown ring. If possible, I would advise buying bigger than the filter thread and use a step up ring (they come in all sizes!)

Having bought one myself, I have to tell you that they really are not that great - and painful though it is, best thing to do is save up for a decent ultrawidezoom. I spent £350 in the end on a tamron 10-24mm ultrawide and its really goods - although you wont get fisheye distortion unless its specifically a fisheye lense you buy - typically over £500 for the a-mount sopny version.

Hope this helps.
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