couzensmark 1:36pm, 24 May 2010
hi does any body know if you can use the self timer continuous burst of 3 images along with ae bracketing on this camera please
supreme sheep [deleted] 8 years ago
I don't think its is possible, you have to keep your finger on the shutter button. I have only been able to get single shots from the self timer.

OnlyEverOneJack PRO 8 years ago
I dont think you can - I want to do the same with exposure bracketing but seemingly not possible. Annoyingly I want to do the same thing with wireless release, but cannot as remote is technically a shooting mode. Its hard to shoot bracketed shots for HDR work when you have to use the actual shutter button!!
kayk1014 8 years ago
Yeah this is one feature that would be a big plus on this camera...I really love shooting HDR shots but find it a little annoying using the shutter button
aquatic tent [deleted] 6 years ago
I know I am late to the game, but am posting for others looking for answers.

The option is in the timer menu, second from the bottom. You can slide left or right to chose .3 or .7 Set your camera to the correct settings for your shot, and hold the button. The camera will automatically take three shots in a row, correct, under and over exposed.
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