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SamPommells 2:24pm, 6 April 2010
Hi, I've just purchased the A230 a few days ago so am getting to grips with it as I'm a complete novice.

Has anyone got any advice as to what are the best add-ons to get next. The main thing I want to do is portraits, what would be the best lens upgrade.

nate.follmer 8 years ago
I have to say, my Minolta 75-300mm lens is awesome for getting those candid portrait shots :P It's only downfall is obviously there's no short end to it. I've used the kit lens (18-55mm) for a lot of people shots and it does a decent job (I like to keep it around F 6 to 8 and you'll get a sharper image).
SamPommells 8 years ago
Thanks, I was just looking at some of your pics, they're really good. Did you use your Minolta Lens for the shots of children?
☼Patrick N☼ Posted 8 years ago. Edited by ☼Patrick N☼ (admin) 8 years ago
How about Minolta 50mm f:1.7 lens, very good lens for portrait. It's a prime lens, fast and very sharp:) and it's cheap too, about $50-$70 USD on ebay.
SamPommells 8 years ago
Thanks for the advice, I'll keep my eye out on Ebay. I've just picked up a sigma 70 - 300mm lens on Ebay for £35. I've read mixed reviews about this make of lens but I thought for the price it was worth it even for a spare. Has anyone else tried them out?
I actually recently purchased a f8 500mm telephoto alpha a230 and im a total novice when it comes to shooting on manual settings. Does anyone have any tips on shooting? i use the sunny 16 rule most of the time during daytime shooting but what about other conditions?
ninisantiago 8 years ago
I have a Minolta 50mm 1.7 and it takes great portrait pictures. You can use a variety of lenses for portraits. It just depends on what you like and the type(s) of shots you want. I've purchased several lenses used from B&H, Adorama and All have been exceptional and saved me lots of bucks. You may want to that before you spend lots of money on the higher priced accessories. I felt funny spending a lot of money when I am such a newbie.
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