Hi from Si

supreme sheep [deleted] 11:25am, 10 March 2010
Just a little note to say hi, so glad I found a group just for the A230. I'm sorry if I spammed the group a bit with my photographs, I hope you don't mind, it was my initial upload lol.

There are some very good photographs here, I think I am going to enjoy being in this good.

I am so pleased with my A230 I bought a second one just in case. I started taking pictures in September 2009 and I must admit it has over taken my life and its has become such a passion now.

Hope you are all well.

Triple Fax 8 years ago
I, too, am pleased with this camera. I sold my Canon AE-1 Program to buy the Sony. I noticed you have some of the SAM prime lens. Do you like them? A worthy investment?
phipsi180 8 years ago
I love the sony 50mm 1.8 SAM prime. So glad I got it.
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