BlondieNewbie 6:56pm, 17 January 2010
hi everyone total newbie to the photography scene. any help with the Sony A230 would be grateful.


-FrAnMaN- 8 years ago
well, what lenses you have? try to do long exposition pictures in the night, the sony a230 is very sensible to the light, compare with a compact camera

if you need some help, just ask!! i am a newbie too, and in a few weeks i have good results

Riclopz 8 years ago
I guess most of us here are sort of newbies, since we all have a camera desingned and marketed for first time DSLR users.
But this is for sure a great pleace to learn.

I'd recomend you to join the group sony alpha DSRL A200/230, since there are a lot of people in that group with so much info and experience to learn from.
Besides that, read the owners manual and start practicing with the different shooting modes/options.
ninisantiago 7 years ago
The best advice I can give is shoot, shoot, shoot. Practice will help you master the settings on your camera and help you get a feel for it. I agree the Sony Flickr Groups are great. You can learn a lot.
Use different scene modes such as "Sunset, Night, B/W, etc" for the matching scene you shooting.

When shooting Night scenes, turn off "D-Range Optimizer". I noticed by doing that it reduced some noise.

When shooting Long Exposure (keep the shutter open for long time like half a sec, one sec, or longer) keep the camera on a tripod. Use the 2 sec timer to start the shutter. Use it when capturing a street where cars and going fast and see how photos look like.

If u need more help, let me know.

Good luck.
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