-FrAnMaN- 8:21pm, 13 December 2009
Hello guys, i bought my a230 with a accesories pack, and i have a remote controller with wire. I dont know how to connect it!!! Anyone have this problem??? Ive searched in the net the port and is compatible with a230 and a200 and others. Which port i have to use??
-FrAnMaN- 9 years ago
Thanks Jenny! i have the a230 model, and there is not a port for "remote" in the camera, but its not problem yet, i reclaimed in the shop, and was a mistaken offer, the they have to give me the original sony infrarred remote with all the functions of the camera !! I am happy!! Thank you very much
Riclopz 8 years ago
Hey Franman,
I don't if you solved your problem yet, but I had the same problem, I ordered the cable and it didn't fit, they just send me back the money, in case you are still looking for a remote, I found this one, less expensive than the sony one, which I've looking too but it's out of stock here, and more expensive.

here is the link to the one I found, I'll let you know as soon as I get it, which will be in a long time!!

chassitymarie 8 years ago
I just bought this remote, have you gotten yours yet?
supreme sheep [deleted] 8 years ago
I have this controller and aside from having limited range and a narrow field within which it will work it is very good. As far as I can tell the Sony own only adds controls to work with they TV so you can put on a picture show, I don't know if it has a better working range.

OnlyEverOneJack PRO 8 years ago
I bought that exact remote from amazon. Have to say very impressed - it was only £4.99, so £25 cheaper than the sony one. Was worried that it might require constant pressure for bulb function, but it does not - press once to open shutter and again to close - excellent.
-FrAnMaN- 8 years ago
Hello guys, finally i have the remote controller. They gave me the original from the sony, because in the advert was included, and the first controller didnt work. I have to say that the remote has a lot of controls, but most at all are for show pictures in tv, only 2 button to control the shutter, one for instantaneous shooting, and other to 2 sec delay shooting. The only problem is if the camera is located not looking to you, the remote dont work. Only work in one side of the camera and you located in front of. i dont know how it works the bulb position yet.
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