ArtPrize 4:55pm, 12 September 2009
Any photo submitted, during the duration of this contest, will be considered for the ArtPrize 2009 catalog, release date TBA.

GR Flickr Group Photo Contest From 9/23 to 10/10:


Contestants will post pictures taken from around Grand Rapids to the ArtPrize Flickr Group during the event starting on 9/23.

~installed art
~public reactions/interaction with art
~events (any ArtPrize related event)
~voting (all forms)


For entries to be eligible for the prize they must adhere to the following guidelines:

~ Photos must be tagged with "ArtPrize 2009" and the category the photo falls under.
~ Photos must be posted to the ArtPrize Flickr Group
~ Photos must be Geotagged
~ Photos must have the Attribution Creative Commons License
~ There is no limit to the number of photos a photographer can submit.


Category Prize: ArtPrize T-shirts
Grand Prize: ArtPrize track jacket or ArtPrize hoodie

ArtPrize will select a winning photo for each category mentioned above on 10/11. The winning photographers will win an ArtPrize T-shirt. Out of the winning photos one will be selected for the grand prize.
JohnE777 8 years ago
Will the winners also receive a catalog?
todabirdhouse09 8 years ago
What is a geotag?
Aria Travis 8 years ago
GPS information based location of where the photo was taken....geographic tag. Either your camera has it built in or you will need to manually add it.
SashaW 8 years ago
When will you announce a winner?
ffog_789 8 years ago
Sashaw, they already did. It was the painting of the see.
j / f / photos PRO 8 years ago
I think Sasha meant the winner of the flickr contest.
SashaW 8 years ago
Yes, I meant the winner of the flickr contest. :)
ArtPrize 8 years ago
The winner will be announced this coming Monday (26th). Pardon the delay! Over 6,000 photos take a while to go through with a critical eye :)
ArtPrize 8 years ago
Thank you all for submitting so many photos. It was a long and hard decision process! Without any further delay here are the category winners. Stay tuned, tomorrow one of the following category winners will be selected for the grand prize. We will announce the grand prize winner tomorrow.


Photog: Laniee75:

~Public reactions/Interaction with art:

Photog: docksidepress:


Photog: numstead:


Photog: SCAD - The University for Creative Careers' buddy icon
SCAD - The University for Creative Careers:

~Events (any ArtPrize related event)

Photog: Powerbooktrance:


Photog: Pablohart:
Laniee75 8 years ago
wow, I'm shocked. And honored. Great choices...good luck.
numstead PRO 8 years ago
nice! Thanks ArtPrize! Congrats Alaine, Matt, Terry, SCAD, and Paul!

Congrats to all the flickr photographers for representing this city and this event so well!
TerryJohnston PRO 8 years ago
awesome! all great photos.
Mac Girl PRO 8 years ago
Woohoo!!! ***HAPPY DANCE!*** You are all awesome!
stevendepolo PRO 8 years ago
Yup, those are some awesome photos of a super event. Congratulations everyone!
docksidepress 8 years ago
How very cool! Thank you ArtPrize. What great company to be included with. I can visualize each of the winning photos being used in the ArtPrize 2009 catalog.
ArtPrize 8 years ago
Thank you all! There is a lot of talent in GR and you all are representative of that. Keep up the good work! Tomorrow we'll announce who takes the top prize.
ArtPrize 8 years ago
Here's the moment we all have been waiting for. The ArtPrize Flickr contest grand prize goes to laniee75:

Well done and congrats!

To all the category winners and laniee75: Please send me a message with your address and shirt size so I can mail you your prize. If you'd like to pick it up in person, that is fine as well.

Laniee75 8 years ago
Dang. Thanks :)
Rob Rypma 8 years ago
WOW, congratulations Alaine! Awesome shot, one of my favorites.
~Molz~ 8 years ago
Congratultions to the sweetest most adorable laniee75......great pic!
Congrats to all the finalists
gary syrba 8 years ago
Congrats to all of you!!! :)
SashaW 8 years ago
Awesome!!! Congrats everyone! :)
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