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Wow....I am seeing some really great shots from you guys. Keep up the great work.


  • Exposure / shutter broken?

    Folks; today, all of a sudden my G11 started behaving pretty weird: Usually, w...

    kr42828 months ago4 replies

  • interpreting ver.req output

    I recently purchased a G11 second hand from an owner that claimed it barely used...

    e_wann_a41 months ago1 replies

  • Video colours changed?

    Hi all, I took some video footage today and everything looks black and white in...

    sixthscents57 months ago1 replies

  • Control Dial problem on G-11

    The control dial on my G-11 no longer is accurate. It will turn but you can't b...

    p138p24457 months ago5 replies

  • Image Review Disappeared

    In the playback menu I used to have an image review option of 2,4,6 seconds and ...

    jeff marcus57 months ago3 replies

  • New Guy

    Hi everyone, Just picked up a G11 in absolutely immaculate condition from a ...

    The Mercurist58 months ago8 replies

  • Pictures are importing smaller?

    Hi all, I love my Canon Powershot G11 and have sold many pictures on the net. ...

    sixthscents59 months ago2 replies

  • Lens Error - it won't retract! O_O

    I turned my g11 on just a few moments ago 'cause I was going to try out my cousi...

    RegRage59 months ago25 replies

  • Sticky Control Wheel?

    Anybody else have problems with the control wheel settings getting sticky or som...

    OakBloodThree61 months ago19 replies

  • Problems using wireless trigger??

    I´m attaching a Cowboy Studio pt04 to my G11 and it seems it doesn´t work toge...

    juancalop64 months ago1 replies

  • Recented converted G11 Photos are yellow

    Hi: I recently converted my G11 to infrared. When the dial is set on auto the i...

    amarsphoto65 months ago2 replies

  • saludo

    hola a todos ,soy usuario de una canon g 11,me palce mucho estar en este grupo

    mariovilla66 months ago0 replies

  • How can we make the flash always fire in auto mode?

    My wife is taking a G11 on holiday. She is not very good with cameras but her in...

    faded pin69 months ago2 replies

  • Movie colours fading

    I'm curious to see if any of you photogs has this problem - the movie clips are...

    wbyoungphotos72 months ago4 replies

  • Upgrade Options In 2013

    Like many of you in this group, I picked up the G11 soon after it was released i...

    HLT Photography72 months ago26 replies

  • video pause

    the only fault i can find with the g11 is no pause button when in video setting....

    billy con72 months ago2 replies

  • G11 is blind!

    Took my Canon G11 to be repaired today. A few days short of one year old and it...

    DsquaredUK75 months ago20 replies

  • Post here the better photo that you with your G11 have taken...

    A minha preferida é o meu primeiro sunset My first sunset with my Canon G11

    itchy stage75 months ago12 replies

  • Shutter Speed in Aperture Mode?

    Apologies if this question is a bit basic, but have just started using this came...

    pstedders75 months ago5 replies

  • Canon G11 Date resetting issue

    Wow, after over a year of having this camera I have been getting the date reset ...

    RobertPhotographics78 months ago11 replies

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