Follow the White Bunny 7:19pm, 3 June 2009
Earlier today I posted a sneak peek of the Bunny Stitch A long pattern:
Something like this?

Thank you for all your kind comments on that. So....I was thinking of kicking off the Bunny Stitch a long a little earlier than august. The pattern is nearly done and I thought of posting it in this group and on my blog Polka dot bunnyat some point in the next two weeks. Ideally finish your project within the next two months. Gives everyone plenty of time right? And of course you can post your pics also after this date.

You don't have to sign up but if you'd like you can leave your name here and maybe even tell us what you are planning to do with your finished embroidery! I promise I won't be cross with you if you sign up and not stitch a long!

Happy stitching everyone!
O.k. I will be the first then! Not quite sure what to do with it when it's finished. Maybe just a cute wall hanging to celebrate Fall?
Yeah !!! I'm second :)!!! I'm not sure yet wht I will do with it either. Thinking maybe a pillow....:)
bookwormbethie {farewell} [deleted] 8 years ago
I'm defintiely signing up! Depending on the size, I will stitch this up on an aunt martha white tea towel.

and ooh, a pillow, that is a great idea!
wildolive 8 years ago
Oh, man that it cute! Sign me up! Officially, I'm Mollie...but wildolive works too. And I think that this would be so cute on a shirt. I'm making that my plan.
GeorgiaMcDonald 8 years ago
I'm in! I think I might stitch it on a pillowcase and then watch my daughters argue about who gets to use it. ;-)
lissaknit 8 years ago
Count me in too.
Kelli in Wonderland 8 years ago
Me too.
¡tasteslikehappy! 8 years ago
Count me in as well. :)
sew'nquilt 8 years ago
Who could resist????! This is adorable, and I want to "stitch along"! I may frame it, (with borders) as a little hanging mini-quilt, or make a tiny pillow for the twins to enjoy when they come here, or a bigger pillow for people to get in trouble over, if they put their head on it!
lovestitches [deleted] 8 years ago
I'm in! Hmmm better start thinking now what to turn the finished project into. A wall hanging or a cushion cover probably, something to display it properly.
jojobooster 8 years ago
Count me in. I have had such a marvellous response to the love u bear, I have to sew another one of your designs. This one might make its way to the UK too. My mum loves little animals!
Me too!! I want to join in the fun!!
Yay! Thank you all for joining thusfar! :)
tangled.threads PRO 8 years ago
Count me In! I think it would be sweet in a child's quilt.
Crafty Stitcher 8 years ago
Thank you so much for sharing your creativity. I see this design incorporated into a doll quilt for for my grand daughter.
racingoverthecliff 8 years ago
I think this would look perfie on my table at Thanksgiving so it will be a hot pad--pot holder. This is going to be great! Thanks!!!!!
Looking forward to all your embroideries/projects!
LanaRae 8 years ago
i can't wait to start working on this!!! i might just turn it into a pillow for the couch...
lora.clare [deleted] 8 years ago
Ooohh! This is cute! It might end up as a piece in a lap quilt... a few different squares with this pattern in different colors... hmm... I dunno!
Thanks for joining in the fun. :) Don't forget to post WIP's too!
I love the pattern! I might just stitch along...
EarlyBirdSpecial 8 years ago
I wanna play! ;-)
Yay! I'm so excited that you all want to stitch along!
threekitchenfairies 8 years ago
I hope is not to late to sign up, I would like to play too.
wolfmom2ac 8 years ago
Count me in! I haven't a clue what I am going to do with my piece! Maybe a mini wall quilt?
~glenda [deleted] 8 years ago
I think I'll play along! I have a good friend who's birthday is towards the end of July (same day as my kiddo's, how's that for a coinkadink!!) and this would be fun to make for her. My embroidery skills have improved muchly since I stitched her a gift last birthday!
PipStitch 8 years ago
I have no idea what I'll do with it when it's finished yet but please count me in.
glazedangel101 PRO 8 years ago
Count me in, and I think it will end up as a pillow, can't wait!
wow! 24 stitchalongers so far! =)
threeundertwo 8 years ago
Add me too! I think I would make a little wall quilt from this. So cute.
mochistudios PRO 8 years ago
Oooh I'd love to join! I think it's possible for me to finish in two months :) Your pattern is too cute to pass up! Big thanks!
barncat1 8 years ago
I'm in, maybe a pillow, or on a tiny little quilt would be adorable!
Twenty-eighth Street 8 years ago
I'm in!! I'm thinking along the lines of a little quilt with the pattern as the center. I can't wait to get started!
Yay! The first one is already finished, a lovely Redwork Hedge and Squirrel by Glazedangel, but there's still plenty of time left to complete it!
funnymagic 8 years ago
What a sweet pattern - I'm in, too - fun! Thinking about using it in a quilt or for a pillow for my friend's baby due in August.
ruffledfeather 8 years ago
This sounds like fun. I think I'll make it into a journal cover for my garanddaughter.
Welcome, welcome! As I'm nearly done with mine I think it's very suitable for a quilt, and a journal cover sounds perfect!
aubribanana 8 years ago
I would like to join, been out of town so I just found out about it. Not sure what I will be doing with it. I usually just stitch and decide when its finished.
Glad you are joining in. Maybe you will know what to do with it once you've finished it! :)
peppy65 8 years ago
I would like to join in, i need something to get me going and your design inspired me! how cut. where do we get the pattern?
great! you can find it here:
King of the Beasts 8 years ago
I'm in too, as soon as I finish with some stuff I will start with the stitch along! Uhmmm I 'm thinking about a bag, tote or onesie?!
bookwormbethie {farewell} [deleted] 8 years ago
oh wow, that would be so darling on a onesie!
I think it will be very cute on an onesie!
n@nci 8 years ago
I'm in and it sounds like fun. I also think it would make a pretty cool pillow or center for a small lap quilt.
Great! =)
Woolanthrope 8 years ago
Your design is super cute.

I am not sure wear this two critters will end up but I will find the perfect place.
Yay! Glad you joined. 35 stitch a longers now. Looking very much forward to all of your embroideries. =)
Kelli in Wonderland 8 years ago
Mine is almost done. I started it on a camping trip this weekend :) I'll post some pictures in the next couple of days.
S.Oscar [deleted] 8 years ago
I'm in too! I'm thinking a gingham teatowel :)
Super! (I love gingham!)
crf_kitty PRO 8 years ago
I'm in!
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