Legohaulic PRO 10:02pm, 15 February 2011
Welcome to the first Motorized Lego group contest!


Theme: Sci-fi

What we're looking for:
The judges are looking for motorized sci-fi MOCs which look stunning and involve a fun motorized feature. We would love to see some dioramas with motorized features or space ships with functioning elements or some crazy motorized land vehicles even functioning 1:1 scale weapons would be fun to see. Think outside the brick!


- Electric: This is for entries which include electric motors.

- Non-Electric: This is for entries which include wind-up or pull-back motors.

- Entries must include either an electric or non-electric motor.
- Entries must be Sci-fi related.
- The motors must be official LEGO motors.
- Multiple entries are allowed but only 1 entry will be eligible for a prize. Example: If you entered both categories, you would only be able to win one prize.
- You must provide 1 photo and 1 video of your entry
- Submit 1 photo to the appropriate submissions thread for the category you are entering. The video can either be submitted to the submissions thread directly or linked to from your submission.
- Maximum number of motors allowed: 4
- Entries can be from any sub genre. Examples include Technic, microscale, minifig scale, and 1:1 scale.
- Entries must be 'new' MOCs not posted online before February 15, 2011.

- Start: 15 February 2011
- Submission date begins: 1 March 2011
- End date: 1 April 2011 16 April 2011


Electric Category:
1st Place: $30 LEGO S@H gift card, Custom Mystery Trophy *
2nd Place: Custom Mystery Trophy *
3rd Place: Custom Mystery Trophy *


* Custom trophies will be revealed after the winners have been announced. Each trophy will be a custom trophy/kit each with it's own unique playable function. Trophies will come disassembled and include instructions.

Non-Electric Category:
1st Place: Power functions M-motor and battery box, $15 LEGO Shop@Home gift card
2nd Place: MISB 8358
3rd Place: 8515

Electric Category:

Non-Electric Category:
-Pain parade
-spacie 11

Gentlemen, start your motors!
gambort PRO 6 years ago
Can you make your own motor? I once made a rubber band racer as a kid so it's quite possible to make a self-propelled LEGO model without a motor piece.
Legohaulic PRO 6 years ago
Yeah! If it's all official LEGO it's game.
gambort PRO 6 years ago
Truthfully I probably won't. But it's something for others to consider if they don't own motors.
ƒernald 6 years ago
I don't have any electric motors, but i'll try to enter the Non-Electric category.
quý Posted 6 years ago. Edited by quý (member) 6 years ago
You might want to make it clear whether or not entries need to be creations built after the start of the contest. Also, are we allowed to use other electric parts like mindstorms and sensors?
Legohaulic PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Legohaulic (admin) 6 years ago
^ Thanks, I forgot about that.

I would say that using mindstorms and sensors would be acceptable unless one of the other judges sees a problem with it.
eldeeem Posted 6 years ago. Edited by eldeeem (member) 6 years ago
I don't see why they wouldn't be -- why exclude non-motor electric parts when all "regular" pieces are allowed?
ƒernald 6 years ago
I just thought of this, in the Non-Electric category can we add extra functions such as turrets rotated by gears, or levers to open hatches?
Lego Junkie. PRO 6 years ago
I don't build many models that have an actual function besides looking cool, this will be an interesting diversion from the norm.
Legohaulic PRO 6 years ago
^^ Certainly. :)
z the lego man 6 years ago
as i have never tried to make a motorized MOC, i think i may end up entering this one. Never to old to try something new! :D
Parda Technic 6 years ago
Im lovin this contest!
PhiMa' 6 years ago
Alternative Reality WWII would work, right? According to Wikipedia science fiction could be :

'A setting in the future, in alternative timelines, or in an historical past that contradicts known facts of history or the archaeological record'

If so, I'm in.
Legohaulic PRO 6 years ago
^ Yes...that would be acceptable. Also, Steampunk would fall under sci-fi.
_.Astro._ 6 years ago
Awesome! I really hope I have enough time... =/
MitzD 6 years ago
hi there, apologies in advance if my question is an obvious one, however having never created a "working" MOC before this is new to me...

the rules state no more than 4 motors; does that include receivers and remote controls?

Ɍaillery Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Ɍaillery (admin) 6 years ago
No, four motors means four motors, both for electric and non-electric categories. There is no limit on other electric parts.
MitzD 6 years ago
cheers for clearing that up for me Pain Parade
Legohaulic PRO 6 years ago
Both categories are now open for submitting your entries. I hope to see some motorized MOCs soon!
Bricky300 6 years ago
Do i should make my Lego bridge launcher more "Sci-fied"?
space_e 6 years ago
That is something you yourself will have to decide.
This is after all a contest.
Ɍaillery 6 years ago
Another thing to clarify, the videos posted should be of the functions only. We judges do not need a minute-and-a-half long video if the only function is a door.
space_e 6 years ago
All right everyone, just ten more days to go.
I hope to see a lot more entries in the coming week, so start (or continue) building!
eldeeem 6 years ago
Still frantically working on mine, but I'll definitely get something in.
Legohaulic PRO 5 years ago
And that concludes this contest!

I won't sugar coat it. We expected a lot more entries from everyone. However, there were some great entries among the few that we do have.

Please be patient we will reveal the winners and the mystery trophies as soon as the judges have had time to evaluate the entries.

Thanks to everyone who participated!
Veeborg 5 years ago
Oh, come on. When are you going to announce the winners? :))
Bricky300 5 years ago
Please announce the winners soon.
Legohaulic PRO 5 years ago
On behalf of myself and the other judges, we sincerely apologize for the delay. The results will be announced as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.
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