tejal_18 8:10am, 18 September 2009
Hello everyone...
Books are man's best friend, it is said, so you can post the name of any book(s) you have enjoyed reading, plan to read, etc.
rimski 8 years ago
I've have read a lot of books, One of my favorites as been Lord Of The Rings, I am now reading THE ESSENTIAL Rumi. I plan on going to the library just to see what I find interesting.
tejal_18 8 years ago
My favourite books are mystery novels by Agatha Christie, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee... I also enjoy classic novels. I haven't read Lord of the Rings yet, but plan to read it in the winter break..
Chrisser PRO 8 years ago
Usually I like reading and looking at books on flowers, birds and insects, but lately, I've been into books on home makeovers and on astronomy. I prefer books that have photos and illustrations on anything to do with the outdoors and home makeovers.
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