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Do you think she's a Kelpie?

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libros99 says:

Hello all,

I'm new to the group because I think we may have finally solved the mystery of our dog's mix. We adopted Cindy when she was 5 - 6 months old from a shelter back in May 2010. Her tag said "lab mix", but a friend of mine suggested she might be more Kelpie than lab. All the photos and descriptions of temperament, size, etc. I've seen of Kelpies seem to fit. I've posted two pictures (screen name Ozomom) and would like to know what you think.

A couple things about her: she's high energy, LOVES my kids, is shy around strangers but is extremely attached to me, very social with other dogs, and wants to chase every squirrel, cat, and bird she sees. She's probably 30 lbs. by now, and is almost a year old. Impressive bark for her size, and a great watchdog (I always know when the mail has arrived).

6:24PM, 29 October 2010 PDT (permalink)

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pwacher says:

Definitely got the good looks of a Kelpie!
62 months ago (permalink)

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