Khanagirl 6:38am, 11 March 2009
I have two kelpies, a red male called Cuda and a black & tan male called Max.
outsidemywindow1 8 years ago
I have two female black and tan kelpies and my daughter had one female black kelpi they are full on to say the least but we love them so much
philc1966 8 years ago
hi, we have a 1 year old rescue bitch called georgia. the kennel said she was a "bit of a heinz 57 mongrel" as they hadnt seen one like her before, and so thats what we believed until by chance i saw a picture of an almost identical dog on flickr which identified the kelpie breed. after a bit of reserch on the net, i found that she has all the characteristics of the kelpie, and the good looks too!
its nice knowing about the breed as it helps us understand more about her needs, and i am looking forward to training her for agility trials, etc as she is super intelligent!
the downside so far is that our once splendid large garden now looks like a waste land, with large holes where the grass used to be, and flower pots emptied all over the place, and a 6 foot fence all around the perimeter! oh, and, 4 pairs of my smelly trainers later, we now have a strict shoes off at the front door and put them in a cupboard policy!
we also have a bit of a problem with her jumping up when greeting people, but we are working on that. she is very loyal, and not overly vocal, and loves everyone, and every dog she has met!
walking on a lead has been a bit of a problem up until recently, when i bought a body harness, and halti harness, both of which has made the walking experience much more enjoyable, but i do need a new body harness as she chewed the other one off when i left it on her after a walk!
i will endeavor to post some more shots of her as time goes by, and look forward to interacting and getting helpful tips from fellow members, thanks for the group!
i have also found a few other groups on flickr, and will be putting this profile on other sites, so if you see this post else where, you will know why!
Phil C and Georgia
Groenendevil 8 years ago
Our boy Ringer is a deathrow dog rescued from the pound as an 8 month old pup. He is now nearly 6 years of age. He is a great companion & a wonderful dog to take out into the bush. He loves water, but prefers fishing to swimming!
Mardi23 8 years ago
Hi there all. we have 4 Kelpies that are working on our property. They just love days when there is a lot of sheep work on. There is Ringer, duke, jed and Zac.
haffpynt 7 years ago
Hi! Just joined. I have an Australian Working Kelpie named Tucker whom I adopted from a Virginia farm. Supposedly he was not the greatest sheep worker. Perhaps having parvo as a pup had something to do with it.

I suspect it must have. His dad is a sheep ace, and when I get ready to play frisbee, fetch, etc, the kelpie stance comes out clear as day.
Not to mention he has fun cutting my friends off when we all walk our dogs together.

He's a fast learner and such a love. I adore him.
billiemae!! PRO 6 years ago
My husband works on a large sheep & cattle property in NE Victoria, Australia. We have 4 kelpies. Whitey is the oldest & best worker we have, he's a cream kelpie, hence the name. He's brilliant in the yards, shearing shed & in the paddock, to top it all off he a dog high jump champion, winning the local circuit as well as getting equal 1st at the Man from Snowy River Festival up in Corryong earlier this year. He's a lovely companion too. We adore him :)
We also have a bitch, Barky (my husband is very imaginative naming them), also cream. She's a decent worker, but she is a brilliant mum, she had 8 lovely cream pups earlier this year to Whitey.
One of those pups is Spotty who looks exactly like his dad & is showing potential. Hopefully he'll one day be as good as his dad.
Norby is our red & tan fella, he comes from a line of kelpies that my husbands grandfather worked on during his life. He was also a farmer & enjoyed dog trials. My daughter named him Naughty but we changed it a little.
So that's our little pack of kelpies, hope you enjoy the shots I put up of them. I look forward to checking out all your lovely kelpies :)
Cheers, Billie
pwacher 5 years ago
I'm an Australian living in San Francisco and we came upon our 2 y.o. dog "Fella" at the animal shelter. At the time, I didn't realise he was a Kelpie, they told us he was a German Shepard mix, but after some research online, he's Kelpie through and through.

From what we know, he was previously abandoned, so it took some time to reverse some bad habits and get him comfortable with us. He's really turned into a sweet dog at home and LOVES his tennis balls. He can sniff them out a mile away ;)

As expected he has alot of energy and we are having some issues getting him to heel and to play nice with other dogs (he quickly escalates to being aggressive at times), but he's a real fast learner and i'm sure he'll calm down at some stage!

He's such a lovely dog to have around and I'm so glad that we were able to rescue him.
jnearyphotography 3 years ago
Great to hear all of your stories and get to see one of my favorite breeds around the world! My black and tan Kelpie named Delilah (Dee for short) was rescued from a pound in the Catskill Mountains of New York when she was a puppy by a good friend's mother, when he and I were young teenagers. Raised in a house full of rambunctious siblings and their friends (myself included), under the rule of my friend's great grandmother, she always had a bit of an attitude and was prone to nipping us youngins on the behind while we were running around outside (which is what initially led me to believe she was part Australian Cattle Dog mixed with German Shepherd, which many people told me she was). Over the years the great grandmother passed away and Delilah was passed around from sibling to sibling, until they finally asked me if I would take her to the pound. Knowing this dog for a great portion of my life, and fearing the fate of old dogs at the pound), I refused, took her in myself, and commenced two weeks of rigorous obedience training (and they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, she was at least 10 years old at this point). She has now been a part of my family for a year, and has become the sweetest, most intuitive dogs I've ever met. I bring her to work with me when I can, and she accompanies me on every hike and camping trip I take. Heck, I rarely even go to the grocery store without her in tow. I can't imagine biding my time without such an intelligent and energetic companion, but I know that when I'm looking to adopt another dog in the future I will be considering another Kelpie.
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