orange sign [deleted] 7:51pm, 6 April 2009
you know why? because my birthday is Tomorrow, happy 15th b day to me, now where is my cake?
dreary amusement [deleted] 9 years ago
Go sulk in your emo corner. This is twice now that I've seen this. XO
orange sign [deleted] 9 years ago
i don't have a emo corner, i have a corner but not a emo corner ^^
dark thread [deleted] 9 years ago
bumpy control [deleted] 9 years ago
lol ^_^
mornikai 9 years ago
i'm not good with cakes
futuristic porter [deleted] 9 years ago
orange sign [deleted] 9 years ago
okay then, birthday pie.
able plane [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by able plane (member) 9 years ago
happy birthday tom tom but i have no cake
swift guide [deleted] 9 years ago
-gives tom a pie n a cake- -he ate it- oh, just forgot to mention it, the cakes has expired lol.....
adventurous fnord [deleted] 9 years ago
- -'.... i had enough with cookies,pie,and cake.

what else do you got that is not so predictable?
thnxs for the invite
corn!! XD
icecream :D
candy :)
i'm bored :|
my head hurtz too :/
Whitestone cheese
{Necro} In My Head. 9 years ago
what flavor cake is it?
bleu cheeze.
swift guide [deleted] 9 years ago
roasted duck.... -yawns-
futuristic porter [deleted] 9 years ago
hey Mercedes!! guess what?? estoy en la escuela increible huh? otra vez seguro q me voy a meter en problemas....heehee *smiles* esa sonrisita de Ray es muy contagious!!! aaaagggghhhhh
XD haha nice...
heehee ew XD
Oranges =.=
Then Deidara came and blew up your entire party
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