yurcool. 4:39pm, 4 April 2009
And the only thing on tv is mickey mouse clubhouse dammit :l
yurcool. 9 years ago
I'm about to go read a book on the bio of Hitler...
dreary amusement [deleted] 9 years ago
Wouldn't know, because didn't have cable or dish for years now. I get your DVDs instead! Miss dish though. It was nice, but they were so, so, so stupid! DX
yurcool. 9 years ago
LOL wow seeker I love how u focus on the fact about the tv and not how bored I am :l
futuristic porter [deleted] 9 years ago
......... :(
last achiever [deleted] 9 years ago
........ :(
The Perfect Fail >:D

Failed Pictures, Images and Photos
Ichi Hatake 9 years ago
is not fail yet, the game could still continue
dark thread [deleted] 9 years ago
true, but it's a fail
orange sign [deleted] 9 years ago
fail Pictures, Images and Photos
dark thread [deleted] 9 years ago
Kai Rikudou {IMM} 9 years ago
dark thread [deleted] 9 years ago
Draw a picture? Write a story?
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