Tom tom....

yurcool. 2:01am, 2 April 2009
Are u my bro? U know the 1 I used to fall down the steps with? Lmfao.. If u gone retarded and dnt remember it's kym then screw u.. If do hai!!! If ur not tom tom then WTF?!? Um the only person that says tht!!

Tom tom we need to talk.. Seriously. Plus Idk why the fuck your not my contact!!!
yurcool. 9 years ago
Ok ^^ thts all!! And ur part of the akasuki (sp?) when did this happen!?!? U loser u haven't talked to me in awhile.. Wtf? Thts major bs right there
orange sign [deleted] 9 years ago
yes i am your bro and yes i remmimber the steps Lmfao..i do remember you kym lol...sorry i been busy but i will add you as a contact!
yurcool. 9 years ago
Yay!! I knew it!! Lol omg those were good times!! I've missed u sooooooo much *hugs*
Tiffanieeeeeeeee,( : 9 years ago
Oh, wow.
that is so sweet though
yurcool. 9 years ago
What tiff?

Lol katie
bumpy control [deleted] 9 years ago
yurcool. 9 years ago
Hey mikki
it was though and he is sweet like you
yurcool. 9 years ago
Awww thnx katie u are really nice ^^ he and I are really close.. Since da beginning lol
thats kool
yurcool. 9 years ago
Yeah.. LOL we were like extremely clumsy so we kinds made it a routine that when we greet each other we fall down the steps LOL
ok why
Immortal Leo ~Junora~ 9 years ago
hehe steps.....
yurcool. 9 years ago
Cuz it was fun...
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