Chapter 440

dark thread [deleted] 6:44pm, 19 March 2009
Lol Naruto punches Yondaime
dreary amusement [deleted] 9 years ago
My last reply here? Bumped! *Takes a nasty, fugly, dear lord is that from me? DUMP!!! "Eww, that smell." (Clapton)
dark thread [deleted] 9 years ago
*sigh* I give up to try to understand you......
°®έ◎må 9 years ago
orange sign [deleted] 9 years ago
madara uchiha is the cause of it all...he made the nine tail attack and made naruto what he is..without madara, naruto would never had that power
orange sign [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by orange sign (member) 9 years ago
and Yondaime geting hit was funny....owned by son
dark thread [deleted] 9 years ago
yeah it's wierd...

Itachi said that Madara was behind it all
Madara said it was a natural disaster
and now Yondaime says Madara did it

@_@ no wonder Sasuke is so confused
swift guide [deleted] 9 years ago
i read it
mornikai 9 years ago
i'm late readin da anime
mornikai 9 years ago
madara lied so sasuke could get his mangekyo sharingan
kindhearted example [deleted] 9 years ago
no! sasuke get his sharingan after he killed itachi
madara (tobi) said already he had attacked konoha and thats because yondaime supposed tobi as the controller of pein, but its nagato
slippery grass [deleted] 9 years ago
@.@ what did you say? i couldn't figure out what's going on.................
adventurous fnord [deleted] 9 years ago
lol @ seekers comment
dark thread [deleted] 9 years ago

ahem lol is that Madara?.....
lucky turn [deleted] 9 years ago
lol Deidara's art is a rip-off
dark thread [deleted] 9 years ago
chapter 441 was BORING!!!
dreary amusement [deleted] 9 years ago
Thanks Doing things... careful of the dung beetles who eat that! DX ...and the flies.
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