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The worst day everrrrrrrr..

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Tiffanieeeeeeeee,( : says:

Okay, so today my school had at swim.
Well, i have swimming as my LAST class of the day.
I wasn't swimming today, cause the teacher never
told us that we had to swim today. So I went to go ask
the teacher a question and he was at the edge of the
pool and this guy named DAKOTA, decieded to splash
me with water, but before he could i moved and tripped
over my teachers foot and fell and laneded face first in
a whole bunch of water and my cell phone went flying out
of my pocket. It hurt, but i was laughing so hard it took me
five minutes to get up. Thank god i didn't get introuble for my
cell phone. Then, i got home and smashed my finger in the door.
I have a bruise on my elbows, and my knee. lmao.
Originally posted at 2:23PM, 9 March 2009 PDT (permalink)
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