alan forder(drumbatter100) PRO 9:19pm, 24 June 2009
As all the members that contribute to this site take similar pictures I would be interested in knowing what lenses are used. I personally use a sigma 120-300 zoom but find this far too short at times, i have a 1.4 and a 2x tele converter but find these degrade the image so much that I dont use them. Does anybody use longer lenses than 300mm and if so what lens do you use.
Aaron Gee PRO 9 years ago
Alan, I use a Sigma 50 - 500 mm lens and also a Canon 400 mm f5.6 prime lens.
Alan, I just bought the Sigma 150-500mm lens which I use with my Nikon D90. Only had it a week but works very well.
gingerrocket 8 years ago
I am using a Sigma 120-400mm. I have a kenko 2x extender but it degrades the images and i dont get AF using it.
smithval46 PRO 8 years ago
I used a Canon 70-200 2.8 with 2X Converter
Pete Hurford PRO 8 years ago
Tamron 200-500. Happy with it for the price, but would like something faster.
tony.cox27 PRO 7 years ago
Alan I use a canon 100-400mm with a Canon 7d. Have a 2x converter but I don't use it that ofter as I don't get AF
trust 1942 5 years ago
alan forder(drumbatter100):

alan forder(drumbatter100):

I use a canon bridge camera with 50x optical = to 1200 SLR not as sharp as others but its all in one small package plus HD video Roger (Trust1942)
Nikon 300mm 2.8 with and without 1.7 teleconvertor
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