sissyboichastity 9:05pm, 1 March 2010
New to the group and so delighted at all the beautiful babies. I am a lifestyle sissybaby cuckold to my wonderful wife/Mommy. I am kept chastised and diapered 24/7 and wear only pretty little girl clothes or baby girl clothes over my diapers. I am responsible for kepping the house clean, laundry done, and dishes. I am spanked for not behaving properly and permitted to play with my dolls and toys if I mind obediently. Mommy and I greatly enjoy hearing from other sissyboi's and sissy babies. We live in Albuquerque, NM and for real.

mikesissy 7 years ago
I looked at your pictures and you are a beautiful baby girlboi. I am happy for you. Especially since it sounds as though you are in a relationship befitting a sissy such as yourself. The diapers are a wonderful chastity tool.
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