photos under tg

Carli Moua 11:28am, 20 May 2011
how do you prpare photos for under tempered glass? I have experimented with weldbond and silicone as an adhesive but have had some discoloration. I think the photo paper I used was glossy so maybe I would have better luck with a matte paper. I would appreciate any suggestions or hints. Thanks
Hi, Carli :) I have not actually attempted a photo under TG before, but I would suggest that you scan your photo and print it on a light-weight paper in order to preserve your original. That would also make your base more smooth when you are ready to mosaic it. I would use weldbond to adhere it to the base, then do a 'top coat' of weldbond, and let that dry, before I started to mosaic over it. HTH
Jill McAlvage Smith Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Jill McAlvage Smith (member) 7 years ago
Laser printer on regular weight printing paper (NOT glossy) with Weldbond is what I've used. Never had any discoloration EXCEPT once when I adhered a photo onto a silver tray; after applying the TG, rust spots developed (and grew!) over the next month. Obviously was NOT silver!
Carli Moua 7 years ago
thanks for the advice. Jill do you own a laser printer or do print your pictures somewhere else. we have an inkjet which is probably causing the problem. thanks again
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