Carli Moua 8:57pm, 28 January 2011
I have some heavy tg mosaics done on ceramic tile that are going to be in an art show. the largest is 16"X 16". my problem is how to hang them. I know the french cleft system is probably the best way to go but I need to figure out a way to use a wire due to the shows hanging system. I would like to leave them unframed and allow the grouted sides to show. would attaching wood to the back with liquid nails and then using screw hooks and wire do the trick? is there something stronger than liquid nails? would thinset be a better choice? any suggestions would be very appreciated.
Snakehair 7 years ago
Thinset no way will hold them unless you want to see them crashing to the ground.. How much does each one weigh? Unfortunately I think framed is the safest way to protect your art. How about framing them in those metal frames from MIcheals that you put together yourself filling the space with foam board from the back to keep it from jiggling? Unfortunately, "hanging" rules and restrictions have kept me from entering some shows.
Carli Moua 7 years ago
thank you for your suggestions I will look around Micheals and see what I can find
Hi Carla, l like the look of unframed works also. l have actually found a way of attaching wire to the back of my works for hanging. It is using a product called "Knead It" made by Selleys. It is in a tube and you just cut of a slice , rub it together like dough and stick the wire into it. l fray the end of the wire so it holds better. It sets like cement and mine are still hanging so it is working well. l think l have it pictured in my set of of ideas, will have a look and send you a flickr mail
Carli Moua 7 years ago
thank you for the suggestion, mary. I will definetly try that. It sounds like a wonderful product
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