mosaicdownunder/ Inge PRO 9:52pm, 24 August 2010
I am working with TG a lot lately, and I am a bit worried to put the mosaics outside. Water will still get into the cracks. Can you seal it? Resin is not very good here in Australia, the sun discolours it after a while. Thanks for your help.
mosaicmuse(Valerie) 8 years ago
I am no expert, but if you are using silicone as your mastic, and if you water-proof your grout (bathroom grout sealer) really well, it should be ok. Not sure anything would withstand a Canadian freezing winter, but I think you are spared that!
thanks Valerie, but I can't use Silicon, gives me bad headaches.
Yeah, I can relate to your silicone problems! Can't stand the stuff! Sorry I don't have any really good ideas for how to weatherproof your tg pieces if you can't use resin. Have you come up with a solution since you posted this question? Best of luck!
Snakehair 7 years ago
Hmm just deleted my first answer. You can't use silicone with TG, well maybe you can but it would be too messy and uneven. Resin is the best even outside. What kind are you using? It might amber some but I use the kind that Ellen Blakely uses and her applications are outdoors in California. Flckr mail me and I will tell you exactly the kind of epoxy to use, if you are interested.
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