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Jess ..Color Me Creative Art 2:05pm, 22 March 2009
Hi everyone :) I was wondering if anyone has TG tips? It seems they are few and far between online. I learned my bits and pieces from studying other people's TG mosaics..but i was just wondering if anyone had some to share!
Hi Jess,
l am like you and just learn from other peoples tg. l presume you can glue anything underneath(as long as it is flat) glitter,pictures, gold leaf,foil,painted art etc, and l just experiment and hope it turns out ok. Of course you have to use a glue that dries clear, and just fit the pieces in like a jig-saw puzzle. l love the result of the tg, l have only a tinted glass so am hoping to find some clear soon
fernanda jaton 9 years ago
Hi, I am from Argentina and my English is not very good… Could you suggest me some site that teaches step-by-step the technique of Tempered glass mosaics? In Argentina nobody realizes this technique!

I am self-taught and have learned much of the observation of other works.
fernanda jaton 9 years ago
I believe that this page can be very useful…
Poppins Mosaics and Crafts PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Poppins Mosaics and Crafts (admin) 9 years ago
Finding tg is sometimes hard as l found out when l did my first project. Fortunately a friend was renovating a bathroom so l got the door off his shower which is made of tg and it supplied me with lots. Also car window repair places sometimes have old windows from cars that are tg and l also got two of those . So look around and you will find a couple of these things will give you tons of the stuff to play with. Also recyle yards often have the shower doors.
TexasFern 9 years ago
I have gotten a couple shower doors from Craigs list.
Also check with retail glass stores.
If they cut a piece incorrectly, they usually toss them.
I know of several people that get all they can use absolutely free.
mckpez 8 years ago
Can I do tempered glass collage on cardboard? I want to use a picture frame and glue pictures to the cardboard and then glue the tempered glass on top and then group within the frame (10" x 12")? Please help before I create a disaster. THanks! Michelle
Eamea PRO 8 years ago
I wouldn't put a mosaic on anything that can readily absorb water. I would decopage the pictures to the glass that belongs on the frame and then apply the TG over that. If you don't want the light to shine through you can still put the cardboard back in the frame, but this way you haven't applied anything directly to it.
mckpez 8 years ago
Thank you Eamea - I am now going to try it on a drawing board that is now framed. We'll see!! Cheers, Michelle
Ka8t45 8 years ago
Mary, so glad that you started this group. I have only recently started working with tg and it went on fine, but when I went to grout, in cleaning, some of it broke off. :* I guess it will take time to get used to the process but I love the result.
l think that you have to make sure that you glue all the area on tg as the air can get through the little cracks. l use Macglue but try and do it carefully so no bits come off in the grouting process, it is worth the time and effort for a nice result. But of coarse you can always stick some bits back on but its a pain! l am still learning lots from some of the really talented artists on the flickr mosiac group
yellow-rose 8 years ago
Here is a site that gives lots of information.

Do a search on TG, I'm sure you'll find lots of info. Concerning glass coming off during grouting, I would say that either you didn't get glue (I use MAC or silicone) under all of the glass pieces, or you didn't press it down firmly enough. You need to press it firmly. This also gets the air bubbles out from under it.
orari2009 8 years ago
New to this group and I love the idea of TG- oh so much to learn now I have discovered online mosaic groups!!! I enjoy working with texture so will be on the lookout for some of this glass that I can play with & include in my mosaics. cheers Helen
I recently had a fun accident when working with tg. I decided to use silver and gold leaf (fake, of course) on glass, then put tg over it. After a few days, the metal leaf started oxidising, and I got some really neat verdigris effects! Unexpected, but I liked the end result! Interestingly, I got a different color of oxidisation from mac glue as opposed to Weldbond. (I used both types on the tg.)
Yes that has happened to me also but as you say the effects look really good so no problem. l have some gold glass paint that l am going to use on the tg so will see how that goes.
lisilk ( Li Newton) 8 years ago
I have never used TG but am about to try it for the first time. I have a question, cracked side up or down? Which side do you paint on? I started painting a bunch and realized I wasn't sure which side glues down. ( Duh.) Thanks in advance.

I love all the work in this group. Very inspiring.

Linda Buzzing Bee 7 years ago
Good place to get tg is also at the Habitat for Humanity stores. I got fireplace glass doors for $12. Just wrapped one side in a doubled sheet and Comes out in some interesting shapes too. Can use door windows also (more expensive though).
andreabetz48 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by andreabetz48 (member) 4 years ago
fernanda jaton:

Fernanda... hace dos años que estoy trabajando con vidrio templado... no solamente me encanta, sino que el efecto es muy lindo, con ese brillo especial que tiene el vidrio. Hay gente en Argentina trabajando con vidrio templado, supongo que vos con tu experiencia en mosaico podés hacer cosas muy interesantes. Yo soy una simple artesana que empezó con mosaico veneciano... despuès tuve la suerte de encontrar a dos excelentes artistas extranjeras que me enseñaron muy generosamente, y aquí estamos.
Contame cómo anda tu incursión en el TG.. saludos!! Andrea Betz
pd... recién veo que tu mensaje tiene más de 4 años...
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