stan schurman PRO 3:35am, 25 April 2012
I'm finding that in bright sunlight in AP mode and Auto FP on that I don't get much fill from my SB700 on TTLBL. Is it better perhaps to set the flash on manual when using Auto FP?
in2food 5 years ago
Correct me if I'm wrong but TTLBL takes into account the"whole scene" which may account for insufficient light. FP reduces the flash's output significantly so you may want to try TTL and spot meter on the subject.
With that said, I do often use manual...
radiorabbi 5 years ago
using auto FP high speed synch the limiting factor is probably going to be your shutter speed since the higher the shutter speed selectred the more often the flash has to fire per frame and thus the lower the level it can fire at

that being said TTL-BL starts out about 2 stops less flash exposure than TTL so try using TTL or Manual
if that fixes your problem great

if not a wider aperture /higher ISO or moving the flash closer to your sub s are your only options with existing equipment

adding additional flash units in the same group would also help but who can afford 6 to a dozen flash units?

stan schurman PRO 5 years ago
I agree with both of you. TTL with spot metering is probably the way to go. Also, the last time I used it was with outdoor group shots where I had to stand back enough that there just wasn't enough power to properly fill.
The_Maestro45 [deleted] 5 years ago
There are two issues here.

First of all - the SB700 is IMHO under powered for outdoor fill flash for more than one or two people that are very close to the flash. (We use the SB900 on our bodies which definitely has more power than the SB700.)

Secondly - it is easy to use TTL-BL in Auto FP mode and get good results. Simply apply some positive flash compensation - plus 0.3 or plus 0.7 usually solves the problem.

It also helps to get your flash off camera and as close as possible to your subjects. The power loss in the Auto FP mode does cut your power down quite a bit. Use a shorter distance to compensate.
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