suehawkins PRO 4:39am, 23 August 2009
are from the WPA program? I just did a Google search and found nothing. Here is what I am curious about:

The old Post Office and Federal Building in Albany NY (at State ST and Broadway) has these cool reliefs on it. see my photostream:

I searched on these keywords: reliefs "post office" wpa and "albany ny"

What am I missing?

many thanks...
---sue h
Retinal Fetish 9 years ago
Hi Sue. Here's an interesting summary of the Art Deco era James T. Foley U.S. Post Office and Courthouse at 445 Broadway, Albany, NY... judging from Google's Street View it seems to be the same building, with its bas-relief frieze. Unfortunately, the building doesn't seem to be a WPA funded project.
DB's travels PRO 7 years ago
The style is described as Social Realism and it was a common style during the Great Depression. Much of the WPA art was of that sort, but because something conveys that perspective and is from that same era, it doesn't mean that it is social realism. I found the article below useful in trying to sort this out:
DB's travels PRO 3 years ago
Hopefully this question is still being followed. The webpage on the Albany Federal building at the UCB New Deal group shows those reliefs. The UCB group may be interested in your photos -- you can contact them from their webpage.
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