Peter Grifoni PRO 4:00am, 27 June 2012
Just read this interesting article @ Petapixel on how certain browers like safari and Google chrome don't recognise ICC colour profiles.
I had no idea it could make this much difference when viewing images.

I urge you to check it out!

So what is your preferred browser and why?
haggisandchips 5 years ago
Very interesting article, didn't know that ... and I build websites for a living (functional ones with any images left to a designer in my defence ).

If I read the article correctly though safari is one of the browsers that DOES respect the profile.

Thanks for sharing.
Studio d'Xavier PRO 5 years ago
Wow! That is interesting!
Thanks for posting this. The difference is crazy!
neilwinch / NWP PRO 5 years ago
I dumped Chrome ages ago for this very reason Pete. They have no colour management built in unlike other browsers.

And as part of my workflow nowadays I always save images destined for the web in sRGB even though I shoot in Adobe RGB (1998).
Peter Grifoni PRO 5 years ago
i do the same with the colour space but i had no idea that chrome was so out of touch.
mike thomas PRO 5 years ago
Use a Mac and all browsers are color managed, or so I understand.
wizardjks 5 years ago
I use firefox primarily because they always bring the best features before IE

I sortta doubt such drastic color variations
perhaps the blog server's designed to provide the user a particular image depending upon their browser

considering the guy that wrote this has only 7 contacts on flickr and their homepage is still under construction
not to mention blank profile users commenting on the site
Al Fed PRO 5 years ago
I am aware of the color issue, but so far, I haven't seen any differences when looking at my photos on the (calibrated) Windows screen or when looking via flickr on Chrome.

That's why I share the doubts if the differences really can be as drastic as displayed on the site.
susanrm8 PRO 5 years ago
I noticed color differences when I first started uploading photos to Flickr (using Chrome), so I started saving as sRGB with embedded profiles right away. It made a difference, though not as dramatic as shown in that article. (The car looked yellow in my Chrome browser on Mac.)
Peter Grifoni PRO 5 years ago
Before I started this thread I tested the claim by opening the same web page with the car image on Firefox and Chrome on 2 screens side by side. The diiference was exactly as per the posters claim.
Of course you need to keep in mind that this drastic difference will only happen when the image being dispalyed does not have the standard sRGB colour profile embedded.
So if shoot in Adobe RGB and chose to not convert the image to sRGB when saving as a JPG, then you may have this problem.
haggisandchips 5 years ago
The doubters are suggesting that the server is sending a different image based on the browser the user is using - which would indeed be trivial to do.

However that is easily discounted by saving the image to your computer and then opening the image in the different browsers.

They are displayed drastically different ...

... and yes Man has landed on the moon!
Al Fed PRO 5 years ago
I only doubted that the differences can be so dramatic in everyday use. Years ago, I decided to not use Adobe RGB due to the problems it can cause even though it is the "better" profile.

Didn't get that the site was only referring to that profile and not to sRGB?
Peter Grifoni PRO 5 years ago
Point taken Al. Most people do in fact stick with sRGB as thier standard colour profile.
Josh_Wolf 5 years ago
Well according to Ken Rockwell, there's no point in using Adobe RGB anyway:
bobdeinphoto PRO 5 years ago
Ken Rockwell shoots his Nikon D800 in Basic JPG. Must take this stuff with a (large) grain of salt.
wizardjks 5 years ago
using a color profile that's not commonly used is rather stoopud ainnit?
Peter Grifoni PRO 5 years ago
most people take what KR says with truck loads of salt!
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