mikiishibata 1:44pm, 25 March 2009
Hey, gals n guys~!! ^ ^
Let's start discussion about our next gathering date and venue over here.
I suggest on mid of May...... How about 16 May 09 (Saturday).
What do you all think?
Any suggestion on the venue?
This time gathering, our babies are in school uniform, so I hope that the venue can suite the babies' outfit as well ^ ^
baby-charlene 9 years ago
ahaa,actually i hope the venue can let us discussing and maybe can let us to share sewing skills and custome skills also^^

anyone have suggestion about the venue pls?
maybe gasonline that kind of restaurant because they have individual section would'nt let other people disturb maybe

depends u all la~
i juz giving some idea~
mikiishibata 9 years ago
Maybe v chat in 1 restaurant, then for taking photos for our babies, then v goto a playground or even a school to take photos?
How is my suggestion?
Any school suggestion?
baby-charlene 9 years ago
wow,good if can go to a school haha~
but any suggestion here
Lovedoll2 9 years ago
wow.. whice school is nearest and convenience leh..
but tis is a gOod idea .. this time we still in KL ?? Mid valley ?
Guy who ♥ blythe 9 years ago
bukit bintang girl school :P haha
Jobabie ♥ 9 years ago
back to school time~~~
happy dolly 9 years ago
Wow ! Blythe dolls gathering in a school, sounds interesting, I really hope that I can join u guys on that day, R u guys all from Klang Valley ? I am a Johorian, maybe the next gathering can come to Johor !! he he........ :D
c h r i s t y * 9 years ago
johor...haha. is not easy to ask them travel outer KL are..since so many times i tried to suggest the venue at PJ are T_____T btw, i think gasonline such a great place too, but will be perfect venue for halloween gathering. school such a great place too, but do you think they will allow us to get in during saturday?
baby-charlene 9 years ago
chin melvin,im also temporily stay johor and singapore leh~
but often back KL

maybe sumtime we can meet up do discussing on blythe^^

christy arrr>< ur cancan...haha
decided wana sell how much mah?

erm,once u all get the venue pls let me know ya~
betz_4617 9 years ago
hoho so jealous to hear that u guys can have a mid up again...how i wish im not staying too far....huhu..
JaymeeW 9 years ago
ya melvin. come to KL with meko lah...
I think gasonline is abit too dark rite?? get somewhere WHITE and clean lah...
wat about the restaurant name GARDEN in 1U???
baby-charlene 9 years ago
erm....yalor,maybe choose some where else brighter
baby-charlene 9 years ago
haha which u order from orange?
1 set of prima?
omg,the blue dress soooo cute
c h r i s t y * 9 years ago
i wish to get 3 of them now T_____T
baby-charlene 9 years ago
the black skin real doll seems nice ^^
vry unique lorrr~
orangecps 9 years ago
errr...i got prima dolly today!! but i think i dun really like the tan skin. :P
baby-charlene 9 years ago
sell me then haha
which u mean the normal skin ar?that one seems no people like it~
productive shock [deleted] 9 years ago
u guys are making me drooling...
where u guys will be this time??
do u really need to be that serious?!
finding a school to take picture...
wuahahahaha....cant wait to see the pictures!!
u guys take good care!
JaymeeW 9 years ago
orange, sell to me pls.!!!! i wan it so badly!
orangecps 9 years ago
Sorry meko&JaymeeW, she is unique n special to me..i will keep her wont let her go..unless sunshine holiday skin type is same as her, i will only let her go....so sorry to ur guys ya~
mikiishibata 9 years ago
hihi~ guys~!
Im juz back frm Bangkok~! miss u all la >O<
Im soooooOOO suprised tht Blythe is soooooo famous there~!!
I can c many Blythe t shirt, earing, ring~!!!
in Zen shopping mall had a BLythe fair selling dolls n outfit oso.
But sooooooo expensive le.
Can saw many shops selling Blythe n their hand made outfit as well, cheap n nice ^ ^
mikiishibata 9 years ago
me n Serene will wearing school uniform in coming gathering to fit this time theme, hehe~!
U guys can wear something like school uniform oso ^ ^
Not only M'sia uniform oso can le~! Just wanna c how u guys creativity.
u can wear like a teacher or headmaster/headmistress oso.
mikiishibata 9 years ago
the date for next gathering date is it ok for most of u?
mikiishibata Posted 9 years ago. Edited by mikiishibata (member) 9 years ago
Im suggesting goto fast food restaurant like Mcdonald's which normally student like to go after school~ or u guys have better suggestion?
But the gathering date will announce at here on 1 April 09 ( for sure not a joke ya ).
So, guys, PLEASE check it out on 1 April 09 for the nex meeting actual date ^ ^ Happy "Blythe" Day~
Lovedoll2 9 years ago
i prefer the date at 16th May... but the location do have any else place ?? Mid valley ? Wong KOK ??
baby-charlene 9 years ago
wow,miki u back already
i will go bankok also on next month
today went to buy sally rice but sold out,taking MRT
back home with tears>< sad

ya,i wana make sure the date,is april or may actually?
seems no confirm date yet=.=
pls let me know so i can diy school uniform for my little one,if too rush for me maybe i will buy T_T
mikiishibata 9 years ago
i think most probably is mid of May la.
U cant get Sally?? y??
Dont cry la, u can find in KL maybe.
WIll u going to wear school uniform in coming gathering?
me n Serene will waer le ^ ^
Join us~!!! very fun if most of us wearing school uniform~!!
mikiishibata 9 years ago
Allen, i think most porbably on mid of May. Cause most of us need time to preapre the outfit~! Mid of May also after your Aus trip what.
Pls take note the gathering actual date will announce on 1 April 09!
c h r i s t y * 9 years ago
lol. then i should borrow the high school uniform from my lil sis then XD please give everyone sometimes to prepare the school uniform, april seem like abit too rush. i guess mid may will be the perfect time.
mikiishibata 9 years ago
Christy~ for SURE the gatehring is on mid of May ^ ^
So who else will wear school uniform on gathering??
Me, Serene and Christy will going to wear~!!
JaymeeW 9 years ago
KL again? this time go PJ lah... :P
im not goin to wear school uniform lah.. :(
orangecps Posted 9 years ago. Edited by orangecps (member) 9 years ago
me too ~ wearing school uniform :-D
mikiishibata 9 years ago
Im so exciting with Orange SEXY school uniform~ kakaka~!!
Who else is interested n wanna join us wearing school uniform?
Hey, guys~! what i mean is not our baby BLythe gonna wear school uniform, v ourselves also wearing oh :D
c h r i s t y * 9 years ago
lol, u mean high school uniform or those japanese school uni?
mikiishibata 9 years ago
Any clothes that look like school uniform from any where will do la, my dear~~!!
baby-charlene 9 years ago
can i ask a question here><
how old of u'all? juz curious lah~haha
wana know
baby-charlene 9 years ago
will try to find any school uni^^
hope can meet u all soon~
mikiishibata 9 years ago
Meko~ u juz come n join us la, then u ll know HOW O V R, hehe~!
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