Mr. Ducke 9:01pm, 20 May 2007
Hi Folks,

It's time to kick off a new theme. I'm sure most of us can contribute to this one, as it is a sad fact of life some walk this Earth for just a short time. In the past, death at a young age was perhaps more the norm than otherwise. And the artistry of the stonemason and sculptor have been exercised to the fullest to create memorials that do justice to the grief of those who've sustained such a loss - as well as expressing spiritual convictions of comfort and hope.
Share your finds here!
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Mr. Ducke 11 years ago
1 day...

Forever in Our Hearts

This one is a collage I was motivated to put together from a visit to Hillside Cemetery in Attleboro..

A Mother's Sorrow
Random420 PRO 11 years ago
Laurel Hill

The Parrys - ten children buried here
The Parrys

It was rough being a kid in the 19th century
Old Cathedral Cemetery
métrogirl PRO 11 years ago
andrew's angel

resta qui...

Mount Carmel Cemetery has a section that is filled with fragrant white and pale purple lilac trees and tiny souls
under the age of 10 or so...
I call it the "Field of Angels".

There is a different miniature angel monument no higher than knee level (and I am short) on just about every grave, so when viewed from a distance, it is quite the sight…a flurry of little white-wings.

This "Field of Angels" also has an especially tender vibe to it, different from other sectors of this beautiful old Italian cemetery.

Perhaps it is the gentle perfume and aura of joy from the innocence of these sweet souls that pervade your own being with even the shortest of visits.

There is ONE exception, a 71 year old woman, Conchetta, is buried on the
corner of the "Field of baby-angels"...I am told that she was the cemetery guardian and caretaker of this section during her life...
and seems to remain so now… she is the only grave with TWO small angels.

angelis dei concetta

Because there is such an overwhelming gentle power here, it draws me back time and again...

vincenzo's angel

qui riposano il bambino
johnmartine63 [deleted] 11 years ago
This is in Mt Carmel, alway one of my favorites
Ceramic Photo Angel

The next two are classics in Forest Home

Wilhelmine Hellwig
johnmartine63 [deleted] 11 years ago
Okay I got two more, I saw this on eyesterday morning, I really liked the bunny on it.
Child's marker with a bunny

This one is cool It's in Mountain View in Ca.

Kohler Mountain View Cemetery Oakland CA
Mr. Ducke 11 years ago
Random, metrogirl & johnmartine, you have all posted some wonderful examples of this theme! PunkUE, look forward to your finds!
Rick4Barb 11 years ago
You are right, there are always so many and it is so sad. Here are few I would like to share.
Everybody Loves Raymond
Sad gifts from the heart
Steel Wool
Mr. Ducke 11 years ago
A doubly sad one..

Little Aggie
jade19721 PRO 11 years ago
These are so sad. In this particular cemetery, there is one whole section for the childrens graves. It is a really huge section. Here are a few:

Assumption Cemetery

Assumption Cemetery

Assumption Cemetery
ratsal adsand 11 years ago
Stefania (If you want to see her birthday cake, it's next to this photo in my photostream)
Stefania Pawluk

Little Jim
Little Jim

I don't know what happened to this little guy, but his family's faith in his destiny is apparent.
johnmartine63 [deleted] 11 years ago
Yeah, another one. This one is in Laurel Hill, in Philadelphia.

Woman With two babies
phoebe reid 11 years ago
Some from Richmond, Va...

hollywood cemetery richmond va

Elsie Celeste Davis

Robert Lindsay
Random420 PRO 11 years ago
by request - Helena Schaaff and her bebehs.
Helena Schaaf bwversion
Um, where is this Mount Carmel that smells of lilacs? I love lilacs and little angels.
ratsal adsand 11 years ago
Random420, that's a great picture.

Here are some markers for families who lost more than one child.

Three baby sons
Our sons

A sad amendment to a previously erected marker
Also Bessie

So many Claras
Two Claras
drivebybiscuits1 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by drivebybiscuits1 (member) 11 years ago
Rose Hill (by drivebybiscuits1)

Charlie Sasnett (b Aug 25 1881 Died July 2 1883) (by drivebybiscuits1)

Mt. Zion Church (by drivebybiscuits1)
drivebybiscuits1 11 years ago
Lily May Waddell (by drivebybiscuits1)
Amy Johnson Crow 11 years ago
Both from Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus.
First, George Blount, who died from a fall in his father's hotel. Nearly life-size statue.
George Blount.
Jackie Allen Remaly. I love the angel carrying flowers.
Jackie Allen Remaly
johnmartine63 [deleted] 11 years ago
Christopher Cook, aged 2 months Brompton Cemetery, London.

Child Welcomed to Heaven by an Angel
drivebybiscuits1 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by drivebybiscuits1 (member) 11 years ago
HERBERT LEE (by drivebybiscuits1)
2 y/o
drivebybiscuits1 11 years ago
BENNIE LEE (by drivebybiscuits1)
ratsal adsand 11 years ago
I really like the sculpture and statuary posted above, but I also like the simple little photo of the baby micheleg34 posted.

A big heart for a small son
Infant son

Little Gary
Gary Walczak
Detail of his photo on my photostream next to this

Splendid small Lucy
Small Lucy from long ago
Mr. Ducke 11 years ago
Superb posts. There are just so many beautiful stones here.
This is the children's section of Southampton Hollybrook Cemetery. Mrs. Ducke (Ruth) visited here during our journey and took this photo. A child of a good friend of hers is buried here..

Southampton Hollybrook Cemetery Children's Section
richardr PRO 11 years ago
The Skull Beneath The Skin
infauxcus2001 PRO 11 years ago
schummi06514 PRO 11 years ago
Poor little Julia
belindakelle 11 years ago
I didn't shoot the bottom of the tombstone, since the top was so much interesting.
This is the graves of my sisters who were both 3
itsjenjen PRO 11 years ago
I found this one this evening and fell in love with it, mainly because of the photo that was on the stone. This was in Sunset Lawn Cemetery in Harrisburg, Illinois.

Eugene Kish

Eugene Kish
DanielleCM 11 years ago
I found this in a tiny cemetery in New Brunwick, Canada. I don't know where exactly it was pretty much in the middle of nowhere...

I love this one... The skull on the hour glass makes it a bit creepy too...
Sillery, Quebec
The original baby's death
Schumata Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Schumata (member) 11 years ago






Born and Died on my Birthday

This one year old was born and died on my birthday.
itsjenjen PRO 11 years ago
Jerod Scott Field
DanielleCM 11 years ago
Oh hey I just discovered this one in my collection too!
ams26 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by ams26 (member) 11 years ago
Guardian Angel 1

War Babies Guardian Angel at Fairview Cemetery in Bastrop, TX.

Guardian Angel 2
DanielleCM 11 years ago
thereggy Posted 11 years ago. Edited by thereggy (member) 11 years ago
Aberfan - the lost Generation.

Aberfan - The lost Generation
Dollymae Dagger 11 years ago
I have never understood this one:
Our Darling
The little girl with an old man's face. It has continued to haunt me for years.
britcat2 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by britcat2 (member) 11 years ago
Mountain View, Oakland

No info except her name
amazingranda 11 years ago


Corinne at Bohemian National Cemetery in Chicago.

Artie and Willie

Artie and Willie at Calvary Cemetery in Evanston, IL.


Josie at Calvary Cemetery in Evanston.

Our Baby

at Calvary Cemetery in Milwaukee, WI.

Charles Conrad

Charles Conrad at Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago.


Inez at Graceland Cemetery in Chicago.
Doctor Beef 11 years ago
I've got a few of the same graves as amazingranda, but I'm going to post them anyhow. :)

Inez Clarke at Graceland in Chicago:
Graceland Cemetery, Chicago, IL

At Rosehill in Chicago:
Sassy Laddy

Josie at Calvary in Evanston, IL (did you hear any weird sounds near
him, amazingranda?):
Calvary Cemetery, Evanston, IL

Olive & Sophie Scharringhausen at Elk Grove Cemetery, Elk Grove Village, IL:
Elk Grove Cemetery, Elk Grove Village, IL

Joseph Sabatka at Bohemian National, Chicago:
Bohemian National Cemetery, Chicago, IL

From a little baby section at Bohemian National, Chicago:
Bohemian National Cemetery, Chicago, IL

Francesco Salerno at Mt. Carmel, Hillside, IL:
Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Hillside, IL

Thomas Haddaway at Tynemouth Priory, Tynemouth, England:
Thomas VIII
kaysue Posted 11 years ago. Edited by kaysue (member) 11 years ago
Bolivar Ohio

Big Spring Cemetary  Atwood Lake Ohio
Doctor Beef 11 years ago
At Montrose Cemetery, Chicago, IL:
Montrose Cemetery, Chicago, IL

Infant Daughter at Bachelors Grove, Midlothian, IL:
Bachelors Grove, Midlothian, IL
rubey_kay 11 years ago
At the New Ulm Cemetary, Minnesota:
The Statue of Allie

Our Darling Allie
Our Darling Allie
psmphotography 11 years ago
Found in Calvary Cemetery, Evanston, Ill. The grave of a boy named Josie Lyons who died at the age of 9. I have never seen a statue such as this one which is encased in a granite dome.

Josie Lyons Monument #1
The Nite Tripper [deleted] 10 years ago
A small child's grave in Barnett Chapel African American Cemetery in Lyon County, Kentucky.

Barnett Chapel African American Cemetery, Lyon County, Kentucky
The Nite Tripper [deleted] 10 years ago
This is a close up photo of the child's photo on the headstone in the previous post. Barnett Chapel African American Cemetery, Lyon County, Kentucky.

Barnett Chapel African American Cemetery, Lyon County, Kentucky
The Nite Tripper [deleted] 10 years ago
Grave of Ollie May Holland (1883-1884) in the Kansas African American Cemetery in Lyon County, Kentucky.

Kansas African American Cemetery, Lyon County, Kentucky
Cemetery Voyage Fairview - 6 (by As Seen Through Hazel Eyes / Nelo)
iawildflwr PRO 10 years ago
The Nite Tripper [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by The Nite Tripper (member) 10 years ago
In memory of "Little Corky" in Fairview Cemetery in Superior, Arizona.
Little Gorky
amazingranda 10 years ago
Isabel E. Moenke

Edna Miriam Paul

Marjorie E. Janke

@ St Luke Cemetery in Chicago
Dollymae Dagger 10 years ago
Just a little babe
Dollymae Dagger 10 years ago
Photo Ceramic 4

Another photo ceramic.... but from quite a different era
NatalieMaynor PRO 10 years ago

The following is from the Natchez City Cemetery website:

"Ten-year-old Florence died of yellow fever.

"During her short life she was extremely frightened of storms and whenever one occurred she would rush to her mother to find comfort.

"Upon her death her mother was so struck with grief that she had Florence's casket constructed with a glass window at the child’s head. The grave was dug to provide an area, the same depth of the coffin, at the child’s head, but this area had steps that would allow the mother to descend to her daughter’s level so she could comfort Florence during storms. To shelter the mother during storms, hinged metal trap doors were installed over the area the mother would occupy while at her child’s grave.
"In the mid 1950s a concrete wall was erected at the bottom of the stairway covering the glass window of Florence’s coffin to prevent vandalism."
The Nite Tripper [deleted] 10 years ago
This is in Fairview Cemetery in the town of Superior in Gila County, Arizona.
Schumata 10 years ago

No Respect

Pagoo! PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Pagoo! (admin) 10 years ago
Abney Park Cemetery, London

Abney Park Cemetery, London

Abney Park Cemetery, London.
midgefrazel PRO 10 years ago
The children of Bathsheba and Avery D. Noyes buried together at Elm Grove Cemetery in Mystic, CT next to their parents.

The Little Ones, children of Avery & Bathsheba NOYES
D.O'Brien 10 years ago
couple of the ones I love
Jaguar Headstone
Sleep in Heavenly Peace
Angel with Broken Wings
fantazma41 PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by fantazma41 (member) 10 years ago
this was taken at the carquinez cemetery in Vallejo, Calif.
David Walker b. 1840 d. Dec 5 1854 accidently shot at age 14 yrs Can anyone please tell me what it says underneath the date of death

Carquinez Cemetery in Vallejo
mango1531 10 years ago
mango1531 10 years ago
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Rochester, NY
mango1531 10 years ago
Baby Edward, Died at age 2 months, his mother Annie died during Child Birth, how sad. Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Rocheser, NY.

Baby Edward, 2 Months 1880
Roberto AI 10 years ago
Cemetery of Comillas, Spain (niches for not christened children)

Nichos de niños sin bautizar, Cementerio de Comillas
Roberto AI 10 years ago
Cemetery of Poble Nou, Barcelona, Spain
'Remain of my son
Dead when he was born'
Fallecido al nacer
BCourchesne [deleted] 10 years ago
Park Lawn Cemetery

Park Lawn Cemetery
spotboslow PRO 10 years ago
A visit to Forest Hills isn't complite until you say hello to Gracie.


Also at Forest Hills:
nataliegoes PRO 10 years ago
This is Gracie from Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah.

From Myrtle Hill in Rome, GA

From Johnson's Church, Oconee County, GA

Oconee Hill Cemetery, Athens, GA

I've seen versions of this one all over the world
ldysw357 9 years ago
Edna Marie

Edna Marie 2

Little William Smith
cinnamon girl 71 PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by cinnamon girl 71 (member) 9 years ago
from Oakwood Cemetery - Syracuse, NY
a childs chair
childs chair
edgarandron - Busy! PRO 9 years ago
Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum, Dayton, Ohio:

Woodland Cemetery 3 November 2008 050b
tallow65 PRO 9 years ago
The Little Bed
.: Irene :. 9 years ago
He was 9 years old

Forever young
Star Cat PRO 9 years ago
Nicholas buried at Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Mechanicsburg, PA.

Nicholas dies and family leaves tribute

Sophie buried at Westminster Burying Ground, Baltimore, MD

Sophie was 8 years old
fkendalljr 9 years ago
Pictures1 120 by fkendalljr
Viridia PRO 9 years ago
This is the same memorial on different days, lighting conditions, and perspectives because I find the angel compelling, despite its damage. One side of the stone with "Irving" carved into it has "1916-1919" on it. The inscription on the base stone reads:
"God forbids his longer stay
God recalls His precious loan
God hath taken him away
From our bosom to His own."


Irving on a Sunny Day

Taken at Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery, Middle Village, NY.
elycefeliz Posted 9 years ago. Edited by elycefeliz (member) 9 years ago
"2 Children"

Grave of a baby who lived less than a month

Our Darling
Rafael Mondini Bueno Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Rafael Mondini Bueno (member) 8 years ago
I have noticed this grave since the very day I started working next to the German Cemetery, here in Florianopolis. It's sad and conforting at the same time, even thought these feelings usually don't go together very well.
Inocência (Innocence)

This is the statue that stands on the "roof" above the grave itself:
Prematura (Untimely death)
schummi06514 PRO 8 years ago
Gisela_Monteiro 8 years ago
In Prazeres Cemetery, Lisbon, Portugal

MountainEagleCrafter 8 years ago
Triplets in New Orleans that lived 2 days, 2 days, and 5 days.

The Mackles Triplets
MountainEagleCrafter 8 years ago
This headstone in Tennessee is 103 years old. Its resident died at age 1.

Noticings - Doak Jr.
johnncox PRO 8 years ago
Margaret Crockett Died Sept 1765 Aged 4 Years Old Waxhaw Presbyterian Church Cemetery, North of Lancaster, SC.

Old Waxhaw:  Crockett, Margret (1764)
Pagoo! PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Pagoo! (admin) 7 years ago
Violet May

Violet May

Violet May. Old Ingham Cemetery, Queensland, Australia.
MountainEagleCrafter Posted 7 years ago. Edited by MountainEagleCrafter (member) 7 years ago
Emory and Emmett Grace rest on either side of their mother at Liberty United Methodist Church's cemetery in Macon, Georgia.

Emory lived 3 days.
Daisy died at age 22 the day Emmett was born.
Emmett lived less than 2 months.

Emory Grace Grave Inscription

Emmett Grace Grave Inscription

John and Daisy Grace and Their Two Infant Sons
CosmicGypsy 7 years ago
15 Year Old Alfred Francis died while trying to save his 10 year old sister, Leona, from drowning in a boating accident. Both children are buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Charlotte NC. Somebody posted the death certificates on my Flickr account to provide this information about the tragic story:
Alfred Emmanuel Francis  d. June 3, 1945

Leona Hannah Francis   d.June 3 1945
S. Ruehlow PRO 7 years ago
The Star Child Garden

The Star Child Garden

Hauptfriedhof Mainz, Germany
Monceau PRO 7 years ago
Mosaic on the gravestone of a young child. Cimitière des Batignolles, Paris.

Child angel mosaic - part of the grave monument of a young boy 7 years ago
jemby PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by jemby (member) 7 years ago

This statue is at the back of the largest children's section that I have yet to see in a cemetery. So many little stones, so sad.

Calvary Cemetery, Waterbury, CT
S. Ruehlow PRO 7 years ago
A little Scalawag - Photo Ceramic of a Boy

Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise, Paris - France

Beach Boy - Died to young

Cimetière de Passy, Paris - France

Columbarium, Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise, Paris - France
d h-j 7 years ago
Headless statue of a young boy in a local cemetery.

100_3008_tonemapped by d h-j
S. Ruehlow PRO 7 years ago
Forgotten Tomb Statue of a Babygirl

I found this Babygirl at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery. Next to the Grave of this little Star I surprised a Guy who peed in an old Mausoleum.
Monceau PRO 7 years ago
Ceramic photograph of a young boy

Young boy killed in November 1944 in France. Cimitière du Montparnass, Paris.
CosmicGypsy 7 years ago
Lucile Francis, died 1901, aged 7 years, buried in Riverside Cemetery, Asheville, North Carolina:

Lucile Francis 7 years old d.1901
Star Cat PRO 7 years ago
Unknown cemetery in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
Annie Nellie Pearl Emma
Pagoo! PRO 7 years ago
Rosebud Maisey, Rookwood Necropolis, NSW.

Rosebud Maisey
S. Ruehlow PRO 7 years ago
Cameo of a young Boy

Cimetière de Passy, Paris
Pagoo! PRO 7 years ago
Rosebud Maisey, Rookwood Necropolis, NSW, Australia.

Rosebud Maisey
John Boy

And the angels wept.

Keeping watch.

A stone on a stone

Little Trudie

Baby Shoes

Lenox Rural Cemetery
Groups Beta