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Kat~Morgan ADMIN December 20, 2018
Hello Members ATTENTION!!
If you don't plan on awarding in this award group, please don't post your images here. If you don't award 4 other images your images and you will be removed from the group. Please be kind and play fairly.NO PEOPLE AND NOTHING MAN MADE ARE ALLOWED IN IMAGES POSTED.Also award 4 not 3, 2 or 1 other images. If you award any less than 4 your image will be removed. This is a small group and 4 awards are needed to help others advance to the next levels of the group.

Group Description

This is where you begin in Amazing Nature Group. There are 7 levels in all for this step-up group. Add your image to the group when your image receives the required amount of awards in the first level you may then add your image to the second level and so on until you reach the last level of our group.

Amazing Nature Groups
Amazing Nature Level 1
Amazing Nature Level 2
Amazing Nature Level 3
Amazing Nature Level 4
Amazing Nature Hall Of Fame Level 5
Amazing Nature Hall Of Excellence Level 6

Please read bird rules!!

Award Code Below

<a href=""><img

src="" width="246"

height="199" alt="P9300244" /></a>
<b>POST 1 – COMMENT 4</b> With comment code.
<b><i>Get 4+ post below</i></b>
<a href="">LEVEL 2 </a>

Group Rules

Nature = The phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations

This is award group. If you don't award you and your image will be removed from the group.

Award 4 images in the pool on page 1 only when posting your image into the queue.You must award 4 other images in the pool immediately when posting your image to the group. You image goes into queue but you still have to award 4 other images immediately or you image will be removed from the group. It is that simple. The sweeper counts if you have awarded 4 or more other images when you post an image. So remember always award 4 or more other images when posting any image to the group in any level.

Awarding 4 other images is mandatory when posting your images to any level in the group. If you do not play by this groups rules your image will be removed without notice and you will be removed from the group. If you rejoin the group , post another image to the group and don't award again you will be banned. We are an award group. No free rides, play fairly or be gone.

Don't argue or ask why you image was not accepted . Also no arguing about the rules of the group.

Only fantastic quality images with superior composition will be accepted. Know that choosing images from the queue is purely subjective so please do not take it personal if your image is not accepted. Old awards count along with the new awards . Please don't keep posting images that are not accepted back to the queue . Try a different image and read the guidelines of the rules of what is accepted in the group. Please don't post in the group or mail me why your images are not being accepted or that no other group has problems with your image. My nature award group is not like any other on Flickr nor do I want it to be.

Sweepers run daily , award 4 other images when posting any image to the group or be banned. It is that simple.

Nothing man made is allowed anywhere in any image. This is a completely totally 100% nature group. Although zoo photography images are allowed only if they are superior photography.

Birds in action are the most desired. I prefer action rather than profile images of birds. In other words not many profile images of birds will be allowed or birds just sitting on limbs . Nothing in image washed out, superb composition only.

This group is about nature of all kinds. Birds are nature but I have seen bird images take over many nature groups on Flickr and I will not let that happen in this nature group. Only 2 bird images per day will be allowed in the group or 2 bird images per 20 images in the pool. Don't get me wrong I love birds but I also love all things in naturebut this is not a bird group it is a NATURE group .If you are going to post bird images be sure they are of interesting detail. Also check the group pool of images before you post your birds to queue.. If there are 2 other bird images in the pool for the day or two birds out of twenty images don't post another bird image , it will not be accepted.Please post a non bird image or try your bird image again the next day or so. At one time bird images where the only images making it to the last levels of the group. This is the reason this rule is in place.

Do not mail me or post messages in discussion thread to argue about my rules of the group or why your image was not added to the group. Don't mail me comparing somebody's image in the group to yours .As I said before selecting images from queue is purely subjective, don't take it personal.

Accept the rules when you join the group and respect them. I don't claim to be like other award groups on Flickr so please don't compare this group to other groups or expect that this group is like other award groups on Flickr, especially nature groups that accept any type of image that basically has little to do with nature.

ONE image per day in a 24 hour period

Absolutely no livestock . This means in pens , fields or anywhere .Horses okay but must be in a field not penned up.

No people allowed in images

No domestic pets, cats, dogs, birds, etc. No stray wild cats or dogs

No man made garden images. Or garden fruits, veggies , etc..

Zoo images allowed. However nothing man made can be seen in the zoo images. This means log or timber built platforms , etc..Nothing man made of any kind allowed in images..

No animals eating over dead carcasses or holding dead animals in mouths. Also no mammals whatsoever in the act of mating leave that for the text books. Insects mating okay to post

This is not a show and tell group for nature snap shots. This is a nature photography group for members that take pride in their photography and images they present.

We are a step up award group. Every level requires a certain number of awards before images can advance to the next levels. You can find how many awards are needed in each level of the discussions threads.

I am looking forward to seeing your Nature Photography.

If you have read and agree to the rules , Welcome and we hope you enjoy our group members amazing nature photography.

Nature = The phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations

Additional Info

  • This group doesn't care how many other groups a photo is in
  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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