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These videos are taken from the Flickr Video Favorites group pool.
  • Pinwheel Round-a-bout by BY-YOUR-⌘
  • hornet launch by heydrienne
  •  by B.S. Wise
  • The Adventures of Lomokev: The Shearing by Carmbler®
  • Clouds, snow and the mountain by SilentObserver
  • ARIGATO by Tetsuya Blues
  • 北澤倶楽部 sushi! by sweetlog
  • HD VIDEO - Scheveningen Time lapse tilt + shift effect by WATCH-ING
  • Inchworm by vai_boy
  • Grand Falls Arizona [Explored] by Phoenix Rising Photography
  • the whispering sea by wild goose chase
  • Mer rouge 14 by ollografik
  • Shanghai Beat by Rob-Shanghai
  • Holuhraun eruption, Bárðarbunga volcano - Iceland by Sigmundur Andresson (800,000+ views - Thank you!)
  • Flying with Sheep by Shaun Matthews Photography
  • MMMMMM by lisacat
  • sound of Tibet by Buzia
  • Paris. by Laura Ascari
  • Time lapse sunrise over Tokyo by Mark Burdett
  • Jellyfish by Bor Borren
  • Moon-set Sunrise by BY-YOUR-⌘
  • Driving through Glen More, Isle of Mull by Meg Pickard
  • 442 pictures in room 120 by Willem van den Hoed
  • Black Rain - 黑雨 (E-P1 Video + Original Music) by 深白色 (Arys Chien)
  • six twenty nine by colerise
  • The Emperor's Concubine Band by Nad
  • DAY (36) Story of love by Bazzerio
  • Jun 21 2008 - VID00019 by flicka23
  • First experiment with the Flip video camera (but Final Cut Pro messed up the dimensions somehow) by Dunstan
  •  by ranjit
  • Desert Rock by Tiago_Cruz
  • LICJ (PMO) Landing 20 by Gilberto Gaudio
  • 30 Seconds of Barking Dog by shanan
  • Lone Wolf by Nick Creevy
  • Infinitesimal - Tilt-shift Time-lapse at Funchal by Nuno Caldeira
  • Lego Time Lapse by Ricky Romero

It's like a photo, but it moves!

It's true, there’s video on Flickr. If you're wondering what to make of it, have a look around here for some of our favorite videos.

Video is for everyone! As a member of Flickr, you are able to upload and share videos just like you do with photos. Why not try uploading one of your own?


* The Long Photo *

260 members | 1,599 items

Longform Photos, up to 90 seconds long. Primarily a photograph that moves.

Video Self-Portraits

91 members | 525 items

Self-portraits explored via the moving image. Don't tell us who you are - SHOW US!

Pet Cinerama (video group)

672 members | 2,036 items

Interesting pet videos. Dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, horses.... All pets welcome !

Video Journalism

297 members | 607 items

Video Journalism: News | Current Affairs | Reportage | Please (geo)tag your videos accurately and add context...

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Find out more about video on Flickr in our FAQ. Here are some of the more commonly asked questions we’ve gotten:

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