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These videos are taken from the Flickr Video Favorites group pool.
  • HATSUMOUDE by zeissizm
  • Sunset At Sky Harbor International Airport [Explored] by Phoenix Rising Photography
  • Awesome Squared by dtrickle69 (Dan)
  • Played Debussy Ballade (2006.01.22) by ChihPing
  • Jellyfish by Bor Borren
  • Rock Lake by David Crombie Photography
  • six twenty nine by colerise
  • Black Rain - 黑雨 (E-P1 Video + Original Music) by 深白色 (Arys Chien)
  • moonrise by Floating Lantern
  • Time to Leave by alienshores52
  • Booktrailer - Gelato chez moi by Laura Ascari
  • Cliffs of Moher by Hoffmann
  • Thunderstorm by Xerxes2K
  • Time Lapse Muscari Botryoides Alba by Igor Pollet
  • Cardiff HDR by andyathlon
  • ▶︎ by R.O.Y.G.B.I.V.
  • explored by Zoë Campbell
  • Process of "Brain death"  [Explored] by Rubén Chase
  • the epitome of blue by mario leko
  • hornet launch by heydrienne
  • HDR Time Lapse by Per Erik Sviland
  • 442 pictures in room 120 by Willem van den Hoed
  • Detroit (DTW) Airport Tunnel of Light by michales
  • Squash I by shanan
  • 15 second exposure. by R.O.Y.G.B.I.V.
  • FISH LADDER by striatic
  • Haight Street Buskers by fraying
  • Timelapse: Strathaven Balloon Festival 2013 (Update) by dcdfphotos
  • A short drive through woods.  Test 2 by EyeSpyPittsburgh
  • Airport by Adam Metcalf [Transcendent Productions]
  • Mer rouge 14 by ollografik
  • trying to sleep by Camil Tulcan
  • Clouds, snow and the mountain by SilentObserver
  • bay atmosphere by neb
  • Spherical by KittyBitty: Manicured Photos
  • Mandy Video by Pacdog

It's like a photo, but it moves!

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Word Time

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A group for videos of people pronouncing a list of words. A new list of words will be added each week.

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Video Journalism: News | Current Affairs | Reportage | Please (geo)tag your videos accurately and add context...

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Post nature videos: Flowers & animals including macros, birds, trees, forests and rainforests, landscapes and...

Video with ambient sound

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Wow, flickr has video. But with this addition also comes the critical addition of a new medium called 'sound'. You...

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