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These videos are taken from the Video! Video! Video! group pool.
  • Escalator redux by Poagao
  • Clouds, snow and the mountain by SilentObserver
  • West Pier Starlings, Brighton by Clive Andrews
  • When Night Turns Into Morning by Xerxes2K
  • Circus display at Miniature World -- video by Frank Synopsis
  • 01 Taking the Metro to the market video - Paris France by Karmor
  • VIDEO: Burning bus (short version) by Shutterfever
  • Vårslepp by Per Erik Sviland
  • The Adventures of Lomokev: The Shearing by Carmbler®
  • mar by Javier Sánchez.
  • Jellyfish by Gayla
  • Hummingbird + Nest in the garden by Schill
  • M6 Northbound Light Trails Video by andrew.stuart1
  • Green Sea Turtles by davidagalvan
  • Desert Stars by The Midnight Writer
  • Nepali Dance@Bhojan Griha by fabbiz
  • Airport by Adam Metcalf [Transcendent Productions]
  • Kikukawa Maru by huwp
  • boo! by itsstaceyl
  • streetlife in jaipur by herr_schaft
  • How not to handle an octopus by ekai
  • A Perfect Day Video by Tony and Mar
  • Gelato's Acrobatic Escape by Cinday
  • Swallows Swarm at Sunset by SeanTrek
  • The Emperor's Concubine Band by Nad
  •  by gonzalo oxenford
  • Bee Orchid in the Breeze (Video) by Durlston Country Park
  • MVI_4365 by bhl
  • Mela Charaghan, Fire and Drum Dancers at Madhu Lal Hussain Shrine  Lahore - Pakistan, Video By © Junaid Rashid by Engineer J
  • highland coos by werewegian
  • Rose Time Lapse by BY-YOUR-⌘
  • Squash I by shanan
  • Santander Bollard by erikrasmussen
  • madr.id by Javier Sánchez.
  • Iced Tea Sugar Tornado by joshlowensohn
  • sunset clip by SMTH FMLY

It's like a photo, but it moves!

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This group is about the concept of what makes a 'Long Photo'. There has been some 'discussion' (being polite here)...

Best VIDEOS on Flickr!

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Only the best of the best! La creme de la creme ;) Feel free to post any quality videos. 1. No nudity/porn in the...

Timelapse Videos

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Frames from timelapse videos, with links to sites containing the movies themselves.

National Geographic Channel: Are you good enough? (Videos)

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