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  • explored by Zoë Campbell
  • Ferris Wheel by Chaddles
  • • by R.O.Y.G.B.I.V.
  • Driving to the Perimeter of an Oklahoma Nightmare by The Moving Pictures of Derek Doublin
  • fish2 by nebarnix
  • Red Light Moments by Mikael Colville-Andersen
  • electric stars and stripes forever by undertheturnpike
  • stentor by nebarnix
  • Timelapse: Strathaven Balloon Festival 2013 (Update) by dcdfphotos
  • Paris street rollerskating (night) by dawvon
  •  by gonzalo oxenford
  • 北澤倶楽部 sushi! by sweetlog
  • moonrise by Floating Lantern
  • Pinwheel Round-a-bout by BY-YOUR-⌘
  • Chicago Storm Timelapse by PeteTsai
  • broadcast, the abstract mopic by n+s
  • squircles in c minor, first procession by zen
  • Jellyfish by Bor Borren
  • sound of Tibet by Buzia
  • Mr. Blue by sx70manipulator
  • Aldeyjarfoss by dawvon
  • Sunrise by Adam Metcalf [Transcendent Productions]
  • Atlantic Motion by <pxlpusher>
  • Ice by IronUK
  • New York Subway - 7 Train (excerpt) by Antonio TwizShiz Edward
  • LICJ (PMO) Landing 20 by Gilberto Gaudio
  • Memory Drift by Floating Lantern
  • SLC Dream by The Midnight Writer
  • News From Nowhere by R.O.Y.G.B.I.V.
  • Cooking Dinner by dopiaza
  • Time Lapse - Urban Sunset by Luis Montemayor
  • Grand Falls Arizona [Explored] by Phoenix Rising Photography
  • Santander Bollard by erikrasmussen
  • Scorpion Moon by erikrasmussen
  • making egg roll skins by yi
  • Mandy Video by Pacdog

It's like a photo, but it moves!

It's true, there’s video on Flickr. If you're wondering what to make of it, have a look around here for some of our favorite videos.

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Pet Cinerama (video group)

672 members | 2,032 items

Interesting pet videos. Dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, horses.... All pets welcome !

International Society for Wondrous & Ecstatic Realness on Video

190 members | 1,017 items

ISWERV* for short, this video pool is inspired by the photo pool National Trust for Hysteric Preservation. See also...

Flickr Documentary Video

445 members | 1,581 items

Say "Yes!" to Video! It's about time, right? Flickr film and video makers welcome! This is the place to...

National Geographic Channel: Are you good enough? (Videos)

979 members | 4,890 items

Post your video here if you think it could be featured on the National Geographic Channel. This is just for fun and...

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