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Film photography is a beautiful thing.

Flickr is home to a collection of millions of digitized film photographs, cared for by a dedicated band of film enthusiasts.

Analog is here to help you explore and discover the diversity of film photography. And of course, this page is also a thank you to everyone who shoots film.

Film is not dead!


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Groups about Film Photography

Holga freak

8,014 members | 87,672 items

Photographers who love using Holga to shoot everything and anything

Russian Cameras

11,449 members | 107,365 items

Lomo, Fed, Zorki, Kiev, Smena, Zenit, and Lubitel. Some good, some bad, some...unique. Share pictures, stories and...

Medium Format (film only)

31,506 members | 837,892 items

120 (or 220…) film photography. No other posting rule. :) NO DIGITAL. The images may have been scanned from the...


10,568 members | 129,179 items

This group is for all those Canon AE-1 users out there...


8,675 members | 37,824 items

share your warm and fuzzy images from this plastic russian-made TLR.

Pinhole Photography

16,325 members | 78,836 items

This group is reserved to Pinhole Photography; that is: photography done without the use of lenses. All are welcome...

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