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Film photography is a beautiful thing.

Flickr is home to a collection of millions of digitized film photographs, cared for by a dedicated band of film enthusiasts.

Analog is here to help you explore and discover the diversity of film photography. And of course, this page is also a thank you to everyone who shoots film.

Film is not dead!


Laser-Lips by zach-o-matic

Groups about Film Photography

Vintage Camera Photography

16,364 members | 272,661 items

A little while back I acquired an Anscoflex II box camera (ca. 1954), didn't really know what to do with...


3,782 members | 21,036 items

What is an Xpan? The Original Xpan Group! A group for owners of the Hasselblad Xpan. Please only post...

Toy Cameras

23,332 members | 323,637 items

Tips, tricks, and general discussion for Toy Camera enthusiasts. Holgas, Dianas, Rocket Cameras and other lo-fi...

Large Format

10,365 members | 65,842 items

Large Format Photography. Looking at the world through a groundglass. A place to discuss and share images taken by...

Fuji Velvia

8,073 members | 57,629 items

Pictures made with the Fuji Velvia film that shows its great colors.

Russian Cameras

9,101 members | 96,789 items

Lomo, Fed, Zorki, Kiev, Smena, Zenit, and Lubitel. Some good, some bad, some...unique. Share pictures, stories and...

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