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Film photography is a beautiful thing.

Flickr is home to a collection of millions of digitized film photographs, cared for by a dedicated band of film enthusiasts.

Analog is here to help you explore and discover the diversity of film photography. And of course, this page is also a thank you to everyone who shoots film.

Film is not dead!

Groups about Film Photography

Vintage Camera Photography

24,744 members | 393,898 items

A little while back I acquired an Anscoflex II box camera (ca. 1954), didn't really know what to do with...


13,189 members | 202,014 items

This group is for all those Canon AE-1 users out there...

Minolta Manual Focus

9,929 members | 77,122 items

This group is for anyone and everyone who uses Minolta manual focus cameras. SR7, SRT, X series, Autocord, CLE,...

Holga freak

9,363 members | 88,691 items

Photographers who love using Holga to shoot everything and anything.

Cross Processing - FILM ONLY

19,762 members | 215,279 items

Cross-Processing is the name given to the technique of processing film in the wrong chemistry (i.e. processing print...

I Shoot Film

105,108 members | 2,739,508 items

Welcome to the new About Page for I Shoot Film, it is conveniently divided into sections for easy reference. Who We...

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