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Zhang Yuming "The Ancient Towers" | by zenfotogallery
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Zhang Yuming "The Ancient Towers"

張玉明「古塔」展 Zhang Yuming “The Ancient Towers”

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O p e n i n g P a r t y

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15 : 00 - 16 : 00 中国写真評論家蔡萌氏によるトークショー

16 : 00 - 18 : 00 パーティー (作家在廊)


Zhang Yuming's "The Ancient Towers"


Text by Mark Pearson/ Director of Zen Foto









On the day I first met Zhang Yuming I decided to hold an exhibition of his photographs of ancient stone towers.


I was taken with his boyish enthusiasm for photography and for preserving an image of these towers but most of all with the mysterious towers themselves. They are beautiful, austere, sad and joyful. Zhang Yuming has identified thousands of Buddhist stone towers throughout China. Each photograph of each tower represents one step on his life`s journey. Before taking each photograph Zhang Yuming humbly prays in front of the tower. To document and record them all will be a lifetime pilgrimage.


I admire his faithfulness to his dream. He is passionate. At one stage we had an unfortunate misunderstanding caused by the vagaries of the Chinese postal system. As I speak no Chinese and Zhang Yuming speaks no English he asked his 15-year old daughter to speak with me to clear up the misunderstanding. She must miss her dear father who has left her in Anhui province to follow his dream in Beijing, but through love for her father she understands that he must follow this path.


Stone towers stand for millennia. They seem ageless. Each has seen many tens of thousands of pilgrims appear in front of them and bow their heads in prayer. Yet they too have their life cycle. They age and decay. They are eroded by the wind and the rain and sometimes damaged by greedy humans. They are some of our oldest friends. Thanks to Zhang Yuming they will be remembered, admired and respected.













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Taken on September 24, 2010