Hunt and Gather: Icarus - Wards Island, February 17, 2013
Hunt and Gather is an invitation to you the urban adventurer. Escape the city and embrace winter with some friends and the opportunity to make new ones. Hunt and Gather will challenge you mentally and physically. Its all fun and games till someone gets an idea, then it all becomes interesting!!

2013 will be our 5th year and we are very excited to see familiar faces and meet new ones !!!

This year’s theme: ICARUS
"A clear open sky in front of us, a Monster, half bull - half human behind us. Icarus leaps into the void, into full freedom but with a stern warning from his father not to fly too high, but flight is.... well imagine for yourselves what it would feel like to fly, to really fly.

Come and help to tell this enduring story. Come and explore this ancient legend that is still a piece of who we are.... "

Let's tell the story of Icarus. Let's reach into ancient things through performance

Let's all be Hunters and Gatherers and see what this story brings...

Ward’s Island, on the beach

Sunday February 17, 2013
Rafi Ghanaghounian
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