Dorkbot SoCal 02 (June 2004)
*** JUNE 5th 2004 - 8pm (SATURDAY)
*** UCLA Design | Media Arts
*** Host: Casey Reas


Lucas Kuzma The Ecstasy of Communication
A population of sound-making devices interacting with each other and the sounds in their environment. Using models from computational neuroscience as a basis, they emulate some of the features of organic neurons as well as those of artificial neural networks.
Lucas Kuzma is a media artist, musician, programmer, and interaction designer living in Los Angeles. His personal works utilize generative systems for the production of aural and visual art, explore the confluence of sound and space, and examine data mappings between time, space, and frequency domains. Kuzma holds a BS in Computer Science and a BA in Philosophy with an Artificial Intelligence minor from Case Western Reserve University and is currently pursuing an MFA in Design and Media Arts at UCLA.
Paul Yarin LTS2000
Laparoscopic surgery is a surgical specialty which involves operating through small incisions. The internal organs are seen by inserting a video laparoscope through one of the small incisions. The delicate coordination required for laparoscopic surgery and the high cost of failure demand standardized training systems and metrics for laparocopic skills. The ISM60 is an interactive sensing module for laparoscopic skill training and measurement. The module is a rotating sensor carousel with several coordination and knot tying tests. It provides a video overlay with task data, error count, and score. PC software allows administrative monitoring and logging of these tasks. The ISM60 is designed to be mounted in the RealSim LTS2000, an enclosure that simulates the abdomen.
Paul Yarin is a consultant in the fields of interactive media, product design, and technology research. His goal is to apply research experience to making useful interactive products. Paul studied Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvania; he also attended the Tangible Media Group at the MIT Media Lab.
Perry Hoberman (Topic TBD.)
Perry Hoberman is an installation artist whose work has been exhibited widely throughout the United States and worldwide. He works with a variety of technologies, ranging from utterly obsolete to seasonably state-of-the-art. His installation "Timetable" was awarded the Grand Prix at the ICC Biennale '99 in Tokyo, and "Systems Maintenance" won a 1999 Prix Ars Electronica "Award of Distinction"."Unexpected Obstacles", a retrospective survey of his work, was exhibited during summer 1998 at the ZKM Mediamuseum in Karlsruhe, Germany, and before that at Gallery Otso in Espoo, Finland. Other recent works include "ZOMBIAC", exhibited at the Kiasma Museum in Helsinki, and "Workaholic", shown at the exhibition "Vision Ruhr" in Dortmund, Germany. He is represented by Postmasters Gallery in New York and currently teaches at USC.
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