Dorkbot SoCal 00 (April 2004)
On April 10th 2004, the first Dorkbot SoCal event was planned. It wasn't a real event, though: I just invited people that were interested in the Dorkbot idea to come out to an opening at Machine Project.

A number of folks came out: it was actually a little bit of a shock to have people (20 or so) appear. from what I can remember, the following people were there and talking about starting a Dorkbot in Southern California in some form:

* Beverly Tang (Rhizome LA)
* Ben Benjamin (
* Mark Allen (c-level / Machine Project)
* Ryan Schoelerman (
* Sky Frostenson (
* Alex "the pink" (LA + SD Futurists)
* Peter Cho (
* Andrea, aka Tulpje Tulp
* Casey Reas (UCLA D|MA,
* Garnet Hertz (
* Dan Novy (Flash Film Works)
* and several others...
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