Dorkbot SoCal 09 (May 2006)
Machine Project Jan 7th 2006, 1pm
"Open Hack" Event
[ S P E C S ]

*** January 7th 2006 - 1pm (Saturday)
*** Machine Project
*** 1200 D North Alvarado Street
*** Los Angeles, CA 90026

[ O V E R V I E W ]

After a short hiatus, Dorkbot-socal is revived with a new home, a new time, and new structure - and a new twist for January: we're trying out a free-form "open hack" concept for the entire event. To get more hands-on-hacking going on, every 2nd month (starting in January) will be a "bring your project and work on it" event, featuring semi-regular appearances by the guru Tom Jennings, the svelte Mark Allen and grubby old me, Garnet Hertz This should be a good time to bring works in progress, get feedback/help, and see what others are doing. I think this will also be a good opportunity to scout out neat stuff for future (more formal) presentations for upcoming events.

So: grab your stuff, tools, sketches, ideas and friends and come on out on Saturday Jan 7th at 1pm at Machine Project.

[ R E V I V A L _ N O T E S ]

We're meeting on Saturday afternoons (at 1pm) now, which will hopefully make it easier for people to come to events. To keep things consistent (and MapQuesting confusion to a minimum) we're going to hold the events at a regular location over the next while: Machine Project Gallery, a perfect match for Dorkbot. The 3-presentations/demo events will occur every 2nd month (feb, april, june, aug, oct, dec) and odd-numbered months (jan, march, may, july, sept, nov) will be in an open hack/lab/studio (aka "opendork") format. these events are built for people to just bring their projects-in-progress, work on them, get feedback/help, and discuss.

[ P R E S E N T E R S ]

You, your soldering iron, hacked together automobile, laser-scanning vegetable peeler, paper tape talking machine or massively multiplayer game intervention. And your best friends.
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