Dorkbot SoCal 08 (Dec 2005)
DORKBOTSOCAL8 Machine Project Dec 3rd 2005, 1pm: Bleecker/Brinson, Stearns, Johnson

[ S P E C S ]

*** December 3rd 2005 - 1pm (Saturday)
*** Machine Project
*** 1200 D North Alvarado Street
*** Los Angeles, CA 90026

[ O V E R V I E W ]

After a short hiatus, Dorkbot-socal is revived with a new home, a new time, and new structure - and some great presentations/demos for December! Come out to the event at 1pm on Saturday the 3rd. I say this every time, but this one should be extra-good. Seriously: read the descriptions below, and I'll see you there.

[ R E V I V A L _ N O T E S ]

We're meeting on Saturday afternoons (at 1pm) now, which will hopefully make it easier for people to come to events. To keep things consistent (and MapQuesting confusion to a minimum) we're going to hold the events at a regular location over the next while: Machine Project Gallery, a perfect match for Dorkbot. Also, to get more hands-on-hacking going on, every 2nd month (starting in January) will be a "bring your project and work on it" event, featuring semi-regular appearances by the guru Tom Jennings, the svelte Mark Allen and grubby old me, Garnet Hertz This should be a good time to bring works in progress, get feedback/help, and see what others are doing. More info about this will be explained on the 3rd.

[ P R E S E N T E R S ]

Julian Bleecker & Peter Brinson: Vis-a-Vis Games

We're developing a new kind of game experience using outdoor viewable mobile devices that anticipate the near-future of pervasive electronic gaming. These devices range in size from about that of a tiny laptop, to the size of a small book. We then configure these portable mobile devices with a GPS sensor that measure your location in the real world, and orientation sensors that can tell precisely where you're looking. This combination makes for designs that represent a true innovation in game play. Vis-a-Vis Games is an enterprise of the Mobile and Pervasive Lab at the University of Southern California.


Phil Stearns: TI99/4a Circuit Bending

Through "circuit bending" and creative analog to digital switching, I've managed to turn a friendly TI99/4a computer (c 1981) into a pixel-spewing entity that likes to feed on sound waves and spit out garbled, colorful, and highly pixelated images in realtime. The device was born out of a desire to explore the artistic possibilities of what happens when our discarded technology is forcefully but carefully coaxed into modes of failure.


Jay Mark Johnson: Robotic Spherical Lens Camera 3D Invention

Jay Mark Johnson will be presenting a robotic camera with a spherical lens that takes High Dynamic Range images and converts them to lighting rigs to be used in 3D applications for image based rendering. He also has some "top secret" stuff he's doing with the camera, which he may be talking about. He's worked on a pile of movies, including "A Day Withought a Mexican", "Nomad", "The Matrix" and "Titanic".

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