Dorkbot SoCal 06 (Dec 2004)
We'll be holding the DORKBOTSOCAL6 event at the studio/factory of Enlighted Designs - designers and builders of electroluminescent clothing. Janet Hansen, the company founder, will be giving us a tour of the place, and may even share the secrets of how things like this are manufactured. After that, Paula Poole & Brett Stalbaum will take control: they'll talk about doing arbitrary mapping things with GPS, in their incarnation as As a bonus, Brett's also a member of the highly respected C5 Corporation and is also the coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts Major at UC San Diego... you'll want to hear what he has to say. Lastly, we're capping off the evening with a special and wonderfully strange presentation by Neil Kearns: he supposedly has an RV that he's modified to be driven by sitting on the roof, and it's outfitted with a bunch of video monitors playing an obscure synchronized mix of images. We'll put on our jackets, head outside, and go inside the darned thing.
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