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Smarties Rainbow | by Lynne Hand
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Smarties Rainbow

Cheerful colours and chocolate - what more could you want?


Smarties were first introduced in 1937 by Rowntrees of York (in the UK), under the name "Chocolate Niblet Beans". They are milk chocolate covered with a hard (and as you can see colourful) shell.


If all the Smarties eaten in one year were laid end to end it would equal almost 102,000 km and if they were put in tubes and these put end to end it would equal almost 29,000 km.


The mix comprises eight colors - red, yellow, orange, green, mauve, pink, brown and blue. The orange smartie has orange flavoring in the chocolate center (which is why it's my favourite).


The red ones gave me my first introduction to applying lipstick, learning that the red colour comes from the Cochineal beetle was not a pleasant discovery.


Blue Smarties were replaced in 2006 with white by Nestle UK due to the removal of all artificial colours from Smarties.


The current Smarties slogan is "Only Smarties have the answer", used since the early 1980s; however, the previous slogan, "Do you eat the red ones last?", has still been used afterwards. In the 1950s and 1960s, the phrase "Buy some for Lulu" was sung schoolyard-style (i.e. in the fashion of nyah-nah-nah nah-nah) as a tagline in commercials. This was before the rise of the singer Lulu. In South Africa the slogan is "wotalotigot" which means - "What a lot i've got".


In the US the nearest equivalent is M&Ms, the Smarties eaten in the US are called "Refreshers" in the UK.


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Taken on July 19, 2006