All About Jackpot, The Former MIRA and Current Wilkie Dog!!
Jackpot was brought home on November 30, 2006 at the age of 7 weeks. He's a Black Labrador Retriever/Bernese Mountain Dog mix. He comes to us from MIRA Foundation , an internationally known charitable organization that trains service dogs for the blind and handicapped.

We are fostering Jackpot for the first year of his life. Our job is to socialize him and introduce him to all types of sights and sounds that he will encounter in his career. We are given a bandana and a letter of introduction that identifies him as a service dog so that he will be accepted in to public places such as shopping malls and restaurants.

After the first year, he will be returned to MIRA for a two-week evaluation period. If he passes, he will go on to be trained for his future owner. If he should fail, he will be offered back to us for permanent adoption.

How will be able to give him up after a year? I'm not sure. It will be very very hard, I know. But right now, there may be a blind person waiting just for Jackpot, to make his life easier. We are raising a pair of eyes for this person.

So, stay tuned, and watch as Jackpot grows.

Update: February 6, 2008

Well, it's been around 15 months since we first took on Jackpot as a foster dog, and it's been just a wonderful experience. Three weeks ago, however, the fateful day arrived when we had to give him back to the MIRA foundation to begin his training. It was really tough. We grew to love him, and, not having another dog in the house, we were truly heartbroken to give him up. But there was one thing: throughout his life he has has a very sensitive stomach. Any change in his diet sets off problems I can't mention in mixed company.

Well, after observing these problems firsthand, and even though he was working very well with the trainers, we received a call saying that MIRA cannot take the chance on him with this problem. So....they have sold him back to us!! Now Jackie Boy is ours!!

So stay tuned for even more photos of our boy in the future!!
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