Images of the Blue Line in Greater Boston, Massachusetts. The Blue Line is operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, and extends from Bowdoin station in Downtown Boston to Wonderland station in Revere, MA.

The Blue Line is 2-Track for its entire length. It travels through the East Boston Tunnel from Bowdoin to Maverick station in East Boston, crossing beneath Boston Harbor en route. It then emerges onto the grade-level right-of-way of the Revere Extension, originally opened in 1952. Passing through Airport and Wood Island stations, the Blue Line joins the former Boston, Revere Beach & Lynn line north (railroad east) of that point. The former "narrow gauge" originally operated from the East Boston Waterfront to Central Square in Lynn, and was abandoned in 1940. The Blue Line continues at grade level along the former B RB & L through Orient Heights to the terminal at Wonderland.

The Blue Line is unique among North American rapid transit lines in several ways. It features small, custom-sized rolling stock owing to restrictive clearances in the East Boston Tunnel (which was originally opened for trolley cars in 1904--converted to rapid transit trains in 1924). It also uses third rail for current distribution through the East Boston Tunnel and overhead catenary on the Revere extension, with trains changing between third rail shoes and pantograph collection at Airport station.

Images include all stations, in geographic order, from west to east., plus a few images inside Orient Heights Carhouse taken during the ERA Convention in September 2012. Digitals were taken between January 2009 and August 2015, including views of recently remodeled stations at Orient Heights and Government Center. Some scanned slides were added that were taken in May, August and September 2008.
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