Eastwood Farm Family Fun Dog Show - 2013
Friends of Troopers Hill are not running their own dog show this year but helped run this one at Eastwood Farm. A display was set up for Walking for Health with, of course, a particular focus on the St George Strollers. There were also displays about Troopers Hill and Eastwood Farm at our stand. There was great face painting, making of bird boxes, willow crowns and musical instruments but of course the main focus was on the dogs. They were all shapes and sizes. Much fun was had by all and many are hoping the event will be repeated next year. I am not 100% certain that two of our volunteers, who became very cold taking registrations, are amongst that number ;-). Thanks to Beeses, Wild City www.bristol.gov.uk/page/environment/wild-city and Greater Brislington Partnership www.brislington.org/bnpar/index.html for backing the event. A very particular thank you for the hot coffee that Beeses supplied to volunteers. It was much needed.

Nearly all these photos were taken by Bryan Tozer of Modelmania on Clouds Hill Rd. He kindly volunteered (or was volunteered?) to be the Friends of Troopers Hill (FoTH) "official photographer" for the day. This active FoTH committee member then spent several hours thawing out. Many thanks, Bryan. Bryan says if anyone wants a disk of his photos he is happy to burn them in exchange for a donation to Friends of Troopers Hill.
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