Lickley-Dunlop Victorian Family Album
This is a collection of Victorian photographs scanned from a family album that probably belonged to my great grandmother Janet Lickley (nee Dunlop). Some of them we know are Lickleys, some are Dunlops, but most of them are so far unidentified. Many of the studios where the photographs were taken were in Glasgow and Liverpool, where we know two branches of the family lived in the late nineteenth century.

Some images are from further afield - other cities in Scotland and England, but also France, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Singapore and Hong Kong. The international spread of the images reflects the nature of the family's work: four of the Dunlop brothers were in the Merchant Navy, three being ship's engineers, as was my great-grandfather (Janet's husband) James Don Lickley.

The photos follow the order that they appear in the album. The majority of the prints are in carte de visite format (2 1/2 x 4 inches), and some in the larger cabinet format (6 1/2 x 4 1/4 inches). Where additional information on the studios appears on the reverse of the cards, these have been included as part of the main image.

I am in the process of establishing rough dates and where possible, identifying the sitters. I am dating them partly through the names and locations of the photographic studios, where possible, and through the styles of hair and clothing. Names are coming more slowly through other routes.

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