silk road
The Silk Road from Turkmenistan to China.

The Great Silk Road, the commerce route between the East and West, was not a single road, but consisted of a network of routes, connecting the West (mainly Rome ) to the East (especially China ). Some of those roads went through Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.
Also, the Great Silk Road not only served for transporting silk, but all kinds of goods were exchanged between the big empires. The traders did not go from one end to the other, but travelled only a short part of the route, trading their goods in the big cities of the Silk Road , buying others, and going back.
The Great Silk Road existed already more than 2000 years ago, but its most flourishing time was in the 2nd century. In the mid of the first millennium, the popularity began to decline, as the sea routes were becoming easier accessible and its importance as a connector between different, far away from each other people disappeared slowly. Shorter parts of the routes nonetheless were being upheld as local trading routes. The fascination of the Great Silk Road is for a big part due to its intercultural importance: People of all different cultures and religions met in the trading towns and exchanged, besides goods, also ideas, opinions, attitudes, traditions, philosophies, knowledge and much more. Tolerance was absolutely necessary and one of the most important values, and out of the yearning for such an open world probably the very special attractiveness of the Great Silk Road arises.

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