Wrexham Women for Peace
A new group in Wrexham.

Our first event was a vigil and 'funeral' procession through town on a busy Saturday afternoon to remember all those whose lives have been lost in conflict worldwide. We finished with a picnic for peace.

On 6 August 2007, we held a remembrance ceremony for Hiroshima. Accounts of Hiroshima survivors were read out, petals scattered on the brook, after which we held a Peace Picnic and listened to tales of hope.

On Nov 17 2007, members and supporters staged a demo at a Total petrol station in support of the Burmese people in advance of a national day of action against Total's investment in and support of the Burmese regime on 24 November.

Since then, we've held two more demos, this time at the TOTAL petrol station on Hoole Road in Chester, on January 5 and 26. More information here.

We took part in the Hands Off Iraqi Oil day of action on 23 Feb 2008, with a demo at the Shell Garage in Wrexham.

On 19 March, Wrexham Peace & Justice Forum and Wrexham Women for Peace marked the 5th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq with a vigil in Wrexham's town centre.

Another TOTAL petrol station demo for Burma on 10 April 2008.

Picnic for Peace in solidarity with Veterans for Peace in the US on Memorial Day (26 May).

Demo in solidarity with the Raytheon 9 and in protest at Raytheon's involvement in St Athan 'School for Slaughter'. They are part of the Metrix consortium which hopes, along with other arms manufacturers and the Open University, to train all military recruits with our money at St Athan, near Cardiff.
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