July 2006 - Block the Builders blockade at Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment, the journey there and the journey on...

We cycled from Parliament Square in a strong headwind along some of the most unpleasant roads I have ever encountered, stopping briefly in Osterley, Staines and Bracknell or somewhere. Karl's borrowed bike left a lot to be desired. We found National Cycle route 4 in Staines, only to lose it again after 10 minutes. It was in any case a bumpy and uncomfortable ride, which was a disappointment as I'd expected national cycle routes to be even, well-maintained and cycle-friendly.

Eventually, we accepted that getting to the pre-demo meeting in Newbury that evening was unrealistic, so we spent the night in bivi bags in a field about 6 miles from Aldermaston. Waking up to a peaceful sunrise was wonderful after two nights sleeping out in central London. More on the blockade under some of the pictures.
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