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145/365 Big Yawn | by david anderson : da-photography
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145/365 Big Yawn

Heck of a day.


Got in to work at 7:00am, left at 7:30pm. Got home, too tired to cook, got take-out and vegged in front of a DVD until I realised I had to take a shot. Slightly more effort than I wanted to expend, but I need to work on my "people" shots and get back on the portrait bus.


Strobist: Two light! The very idea! Been shooting one-light for a while now, but decided to crack out 430EXII no.2 tonight.


Setup was one 430EXII top left into a 40cm softbox and set at 1/64th:24mm with a Sto-Fen diffuser for good measure. Second one behind my bonce at 1:128th/24mm with a spill-kill from the Strobies XS mount for rimlight. Cava!


Photoshop: A tiny bit of sorting in Lightroom 3 Beta II (become a convert now after complaining it was not different to Camera Raw) then into CS3. Got rid of the scar where I cut myself shaving this morning, then duplicated the layer twice. First using the cross process preset in Curves, though with an additional adjustment later on top of that to brighten and tweak the contrast. Next one as a high-pass filter (my go-to filter right now) mixed on a hard light and with both that and the curves layer at 50% opacity. All of which serves to make the world look more leathery and retro. Hey, I like looking like leather.... :-)

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Taken on May 25, 2010