Geuzengroen - Slotersnoek
Amsterdam is teeming with hidden edible life forms. Plants grow on disused ground and fish abound in its canals. Stalking the urban snoek & wort is an urbanibalist adventure which set out to stalk, cook and eat the flesh and flora that thrive in Amsterdam West.

On 19-20 September 2009, Wietske Maas organised a fishing-plant-finding expedition with a fisherman, city botanist Claud Biemans and anybdy curious to find out about the hidden bounty of urban edibles to fish and ferret food sources in Geuzenveld-Slotermeer. All sourced ingredients were taken back to the Stedelijk in West kitchen to be cooked in collaboration with fish aficionado and chef (Een Vis, Twee Vis) Rolf van Dijk.

This project is part of Stedelijk in West / The Cook, the Farmer, his Wife, and their Neighbour in collaboration with Wilde Westen.
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