Yppah CD Packaging
I created a CD package for a band of my choice. A mentor of mine Robert Zwiebel mentioned one time, that if you can install some humor in to your pice it will usually be successful. I went to see Bonobo live at the Showbox in Seattle. The band Yppah opened for them. The five musicians walked on stage and most of them were wearing rainbow colored skirts. I had never herd of Yppah before then and the music was exciting and fun. The live drumming was INCREDIBLE. The next day, with a due date approaching. I created a cover with no specific band in mind, but had fun doing so. I used a photo of my own (serial plane study) because I had remembered my friend jordan suggested I do so. See: www.flickr.com/photos/unklegatsby/4394156410/in/set-72157...

Thanks Jordan!
I enjoyed creating a cover composition and I think it reflects Yppah's exciting and fun style. From there I thought, "what the hell, I have taken all of my projects pretty serious, its time to have fun!"
All of this was created using InDesign. I have learned to used InDesign for all my layouts.
I would like to point out that in the booklet, I used a page number system. The white dots were inspired by beer pong, or "ruit" for us local Wood River'ens.
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